Cam Talbot of the Edmonton Oilers logged a shocking amount of time in net during the 2016/17 season. He started in no less than 73 games and posted a strong 42-22-8 record in those outings. With a save percentage of .919 and a goals-against average of 2.39, he was a big part of Edmonton's success. On Tuesday he was a part of a charity golf tournament, and he spoke with Chris Wescott of Oilers TV about having an "itch" to get back playing as July turns into August.

"I think (August 1st) you kinda start to get the itch," Talbot said, referencing the change in a month on the calendar.

"Once it rolls over into August, you start to's a month, a month and a half away....right around this time is when you start to get excited about (the start of the season)."

73 games too many to play in?

Talbot would also talk about how he needed to be ready in case he has "to play another 70+ games again next year." While he was able to do that in 2016/17 while keeping his performance at a high level, Edmonton's situation with their backup goaltending has to be one of concern for Oiler fans. Right now most Edmonton fans are concerned with the situation with Leon Draisaitl and getting him signed. However, the Edmonton Oilers do not have a proven backup goalie at the NHL level. If Talbot logs a lot of starts, then he risks flirting with injury more so than a goaltender that logs a normal workload would.

24-year old Laurent Brossoit had good statistics in eight games last season, posting a reassuring 1.99 goals-against average and a .928 save percentage. However, his volume of playing time is so low in his career that his strong stats could look different with just one or two bad outings. That said, his performance last season does warrant continued play at the top level.

If Brossoit can provide quality relief, then Talbot might log something more reasonable for game-starts next season.

Matt Benning wishing summer was longer?

Where Talbot had an enviable "itch" to get back playing hockey, one Oiler didn't sound too enthusiastic. Defenseman Matt Benning appeared in 62 games last season as part of his rookie year as a pro.

He compared the ending date of the NHL season with the ending date of college hockey and seemed to long a bit for the old days.

"This offseason's been shorter than what I'm used to," Benning said. "In college, we're done a lot earlier....the summer's felt short so far." The defenseman also said he "kinda" wanted to start skating with his teammates again.

Letestu spoke with Oilers TV

Forward Mark Letestu is much more used to the NHL schedule. In his interview, he stressed a desire to be physically ready to appear in 82 games for the Oilers in 2017/18. That's how many games he appeared in during the 2013/14 season for Columbus and in 2015/16 for the Oilers. Last year he played in 78 games with 35 points to show for his efforts.

The regular season for the 2017/18 NHL season starts in roughly two months' time. The Edmonton Oilers will host the Calgary Flames in a game on October 4th at 8 pm MT. The game will come from downtown Edmonton as the Oilers prepare for their second season in their new building.