Wayne Gretzky, perhaps more than anyone, should be able to relate to Connor Mcdavid of the Edmonton Oilers. McDavid is considered a generational talent in the sport of hockey just like Gretzky was a number of decades ago. While there have been select few other players of comparable talent, McDavid and Gretzky share another commonality: starting their NHL careers in hockey-crazed Edmonton where the pressure is high. Gretzky fielded some recent questions from Oilers TV reporter Chris Wescott, one of which involved McDavid.

Wescott mentioned Connor McDavid while interviewing Gretzky and then asked how important it was for the city of Edmonton, the Oilers' franchise, and for McDavid himself to be "locked" into a long-term contract.

In his reply, Gretzky spoke of McDavid helping to take the Oilers to "the next level...not just wanting to make the playoffs but get to the finals and win a Stanley Cup." From Gretzky's point of view, it's "wonderful" for the NHL that McDavid signed in Edmonton and it's "great" for the city. Gretzky also said that McDavid was "thrilled" to be with the Oilers.

Gretzky spoke highly of GM Peter Chiarelli

In another part of the interview, Wescott brought up the current group of Oilers. The team remains largely intact following the last season, one where they made a rare appearance in the Stanley Cup playoffs and even the 2nd round of those playoffs. There will be some new faces with Edmonton next year and Jordan Eberle is gone, but Gretzky appears to think that the Oilers are in good hands.

He mentioned GM Peter Chiarelli's "track record" and stated that the GM is "one of the best hockey people in the game." Chiarelli's track record includes a Stanley Cup as the former GM of the Boston Bruins, that franchise having defeated the Vancouver Canucks in the 2011 Stanley Cup finals.

Draisaitl the situation Oiler fans are curious about

One matter that is pertinent to Oiler fans right now was not touched on. Edmonton still have not signed Leon Draisaitl.

Gretzky mentioned his name when he listed some of the top young talents in the league right now. However, there was nothing mentioned with regard to Draisaitl's contract situation. He is a player that had 77 points in 82 games last season to help vault the Oilers into relevancy in the NHL after a decade of futility. He is a restricted free agent and could command a hefty contract. The NHL season is still two months away from starting, but the uncertainty of the situation will only increase as the regular season nears its start date.