Dak Prescott broke out last year in the NFL in what was his rookie season. An opportunist, Prescott took over when Tony Romo suffered an injury in the preseason. That injury seemed like a curse at the time, but it did help reveal a talented player within the Dallas franchise. Who knows how long Prescott's talent might have laid dormant on the bench if not for the fateful injury that Romo suffered.

The Cowboys never really looked back after starting Prescott in Romo's place last year, because Prescott gave them no reason to. Under his leadership his team went 13-3, they entered the NFL playoffs with a first-round bye, and there was some buzz about them making it to the Super Bowl.

2017 playoffs were growing pains

What happened in the playoffs last season is something Cowboys' fans would like to forget. In the divisional round the, lost a home game, a result that could only be called growing pains for what was an inexperienced team. Clearly, the Cowboys want to do better in the NFL playoffs this year, but Prescott also suggested in a recent interview that he wouldn't be satisfied with a 13-3 record in the regular season. That's a record that most teams, even very good ones, would be more than happy to attain. However, Prescott truly believes in shooting for the stars.

Sal Paolantonio interviewed the quarterback recently and they spoke about the progress that he made during Prescott's first season in the NFL.

One question that Paolantonio asked had to do with the Cowboys' record in the upcoming season. "We got 13-3 again this year? What do we got?" Paolantonio asked.

"We're pushing for better. We're pushing for better," Prescott replied, despite the fact that there isn't a ton of room for improvement on 13-3.

"We're pushing to make those runs, to win that playoff game, to win the next playoff game, and to be playing in the Super Bowl."

Cowboys' status among betting favorites

The Dallas Cowboys are currently considered fifth favorites to win the Super Bowl this upcoming season. Paddy Power sportsbook, for example, prices the Cowboys at +1200.

Those betting odds place Dallas behind New England, Green Bay, Seattle, and Pittsburgh. Bet365 sportsbook has a more optimistic outlook for Dallas, pricing them at +900 and only behind New England. Those betting odds would imply that Dallas would make the Super Bowl. In the NFC, one reputable firm makes the Cowboys the outright favorites to win their conference. Stan James sportsbook prices Dallas at +450, a little shorter than both the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers.