Best Move: Landing Derrick Rose on a one-year, prove-yourself deal

Finding the actual value of 2011 MVP Derrick Rose is a difficult task; Rose is by no means worthy of a max contract player this was proven during his only season with the New York Knicks. Rose used offensive possessions unwisely, an inefficient scorer of the ball and was a liability on the defensive end of the floor. Despite all of this the three time all star is worth much more than a minimum contract.

Derrick Rose is still a fan favorite as evident by his high Jersey sales. Rose also still possess some quality strengths on the basketball court.

Rose still has a knack for putting the ball in the hoop, and this is helped by his amazing ability to get to the basket. Even though he could improve on this by improving his vision and being able to find open teammates on the perimeter especially when the defense starts to collapse when he starts to drive to the hoop, in a reduced role rose could also use his physical abilities to improve his defensive capabilities. This signing is a low-risk high reward move by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Whether Rose takes over as the starting point guard in the event of a Kyrie Irving trade or becomes a key piece of the Cavaliers second unit, there is no doubt that Rose will outplay his prove yourself deal approximately worth a measly $2.1 million.

Worst Move: Parting ways with David Griffin

A word of advice to any team owner in the National Basketball Association, do not fire your general manager in the lead up to the NBA Draft. This move is what the Cleveland Cavaliers did, and they did not have a replacement planned with 2004 Finals MVP Chauncey Billups refusing the job position and as a result did not have a General Manager for draft night and the majority of the offseason.

Since these events the former director of pro player personnel Koby Altman has since taken over the job but what will be the consequences? No matter how suitable Altman might be for the General Manager position the fact remains that his two biggest stars LeBron James and Kyrie Irving are both unhappy in Cleveland with LeBron having expressed his frustrations and Irving has made it clear with Cleveland's front office that he wants to be traded.

This situation could have been all avoided as long as team owner Dan Gilbert would have been willing to pay the luxury-tax to keep his championship contender team together. Despite the fact that all this Gilbert decided not to resign David Griffin which allows the now Ex-General Manager to follow in the direction of the other previous general managers who served under the supervision of Gilbert.