Christiano Ronaldo is not a happy man today. The former Manchester United star made it clear he wants to return to England during his recent tax trial. Whether or not any major English Premier League team will require his services is still up in the air.

The Portugal frontman and captain was accused of defrauding €14.7 (US$17,31) million from tax authorities. Ever since, Ronaldo has been in court attempting to fight those charges, with his comments about returning to England uttered on July 31, 2017.

Ronaldo didn’t face tax charge problems in England

During his time at Manchester United, Christiano Ronaldo never came under attack from the tax department. In fact, more players in Spain come face-to-face with tax charges than in England. Because of this, one can understand why Ronaldo wants to return to where his career actually took off.

“In England, I never had these problems, that's why I want to go back there,” Ronaldo said via a report from

The player went on to state that he always pays his taxes in both England and Spain. Additionally, he said it’s impossible for him to hide anything as he’s an open book. He used Forbes Magazine as an example of how open his life is due to the publication posting his earnings to the public.

Is Christiano Ronaldo not well educated?

Interestingly enough, Ronaldo admits he doesn’t understand anything about paying taxes. Not only that, he said he went to school up until the 6th grade, so all he knows is how to play football.

Ronaldo trust his advisers? Definitely. He believes what they tell him is the truth due to him paying them well.

As such, the player leaves everything in the hands of his advisers.

Finding out that one of the best players in the world doesn’t have an education above the 6th grade is very surprising. It makes us wonder how educated other footballers from around the world are, and whether or not they could one day find themselves in similar situations to Christiano Ronaldo?

Will Ronaldo ever return to England?

It’s unlikely the famous Real Madrid player will ever return to England. He won’t have a place at Manchester United since Jose Mourinho is building a team of young players for the future, and has no interest in looking back.

Additionally, Ronaldo is 32-years-old, which means he’s coming close to the end of his career. He would be of no use to major clubs in England for the long term, but smaller teams might find a use for the star player, and we doubt Ronaldo wants that.

Chances are, his career will end at Real Madrid, and he’ll then move on to becoming a coach.