Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving unveiled his new look clean-shaven on Snapchat while he was filming a movie based on his famous “Uncle Drew” personality in a line of commercials for Pepsi. Irving explained that he needs to be clean-shaven for 22 days while filming the movie. In his video, Irving said he expects to become a butt of jokes on social media for his decision to shave his beard, but he’s ready for it. “I’ll be the butt of everybody’s jokes now. It’s all good with me — all love,” Irving said in the video.

Irving was also spotted with his clean-shaven look while working in the gym with Mario West, Georgia Tech’s director of player personnel for men’s basketball.

West shared their photo on his Twitter account.

Irving’s new look will not last as he plans to grow a beard in time for the regular season. Irving’s new look did not escape social media enthusiasts as they roasted his new look on Twitter.

Irving-James meeting did not happen

Days before Irving unveiled his new look, it was reported that he and LeBron James personally met in Miami and talked about their differences.

However, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN said he never heard of such meeting. He said Irving was working out at the University of Miami for the last few weeks while James spends his time in Miami during the offseason. Wojnarowski said he’s not discounting the possibility of a chance meeting between the two teammates, but it will not change anything.

He said that Irving will not change his decision to ask for a trade even if he mends fences with James.

Durant spoke about Irving-James rift

Golden State Warriors superstar Kevin Durant said he wasn’t surprised by Irving’s demand, saying trade requests occur routinely behind the scenes within anyone knowing. Durant said trade requests and rifts are a regular NBA problem and a lot of teams went through this before.

Durant believes that the Cavaliers, as a great championship organization, will figure it out this issue. After Irving demanded a trade, James declared that he will stay with the Cavaliers for the 2017-18 season. However, James’ uncertain future after next season is hampering the Cavaliers’ plan for Irving. If James doesn't sign a contract extension with the Cavs, they are expected to trade Irving for a young player who can become the team’s cornerstone and whom they can build around for the future. If James stays, then the Cavs will surround him with win-now veterans who can help him win another championship.