According to sources telling ESPN, the Cleveland Cavaliers are looking into acquiring a "Young Star" for Kyrie Irving. The former No. 1 overall draft pick has recently requested a trade out of Cleveland after being tired of playing in the shadow of LeBron James. The sources say that the Cavaliers would like to acquire any of the following players for Irving. They include Jayson Tatum, Kristaps Porzingis, Josh Jackson, or Jamal Murray.

These four players feature two incoming rookies, one player with one year of experience, and one player with two years of experience.

Some of these players are more likely than others, so let's take a look at the likelihood of each young star. Keep in mind that most of these players are unlikely to move given how much their team loves them.

Jayson Tatum - Most likely

Out of the for players, Tatum has the best chance. The Celtics have so many draft picks that they could feed a kingdom. Realistically, their three first round picks next season are valuable. If the Cavaliers decide to cave and realize that they are going to lose out on James next season, they could ask for a package of picks and Tatum. They would not enjoy trading one of their best players to the second best team in the east, but the return haul could make up for it.

Josh Jackson - Next likely

The Suns have emerged as a contender for Irving, but have been reluctant to want to give up Jackson or Devin Booker. However, it was once reported that the Suns were thinking about shopping Jackson, so it gives some reason to believe that the Suns are still considering it. When it is all put to rest, Jackson is younger, more controllable, and has a huge upside.

Realistically, the Suns want to pair Irving with Jackson and Booker.

Kristaps Porzingis - Not very likely

Porzingis is going to be the man of New York once Carmelo Anthony gets traded. He has been called a "unicorn" of the 2015 draft given that he is a long, lengthy big man that can shoot from outside. The Knicks have no interest in losing Porzingis, and want to build a core around him.

Jamal Murray - No chance

Why would the Nuggets get involved? That would make no sense. Unless the Nuggets get the superstar in return, Murray is not going anywhere. Murray is just 20 years old. He averaged 9.9 points last season, and could take a big step forward this year. The Nuggets are a young team, but there's no reason to believe that the Nuggets want Irving. Denver is not on Irving's list of preferred teams, and there is no guarantee that he would stay after his deal ran up in two years.