The Carmelo Anthony soap opera might be coming to an end. According to the latest report from Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders, the New York Knicks could have decided to keep Anthony this year.

Carmelo has been strongly linked with a move to the Houston Rockets and Cleveland Cavaliers during this off-season. It was reported that Anthony would accept to waive his no-trade clause for these two teams. However, following the James-Irving drama in Cleveland, Anthony has apparently opted to discard the option of the Cavaliers.

Do Knicks want to keep Anthony?

Now, in a new turn of events, Anthony seems closer to remaining with the Knicks. Kyler reported the following: "With the Knicks front office situation settled, the prevailing thought in NBA circles is that the Knicks are not going to agree to the long-rumored trade with the Houston Rockets." The Rockets have not been able to assemble a package enticing enough to convince the Knicks to part ways with their star.

Kyler added: "The commentary coming out of New York is that a Houston deal offers nothing of real value to the Knicks." The Knicks would have to take in the contracts of veterans like Ryan Anderson and Trevor Ariza, and that is not something that fits in well with the Knicks' plans moving forward.

They want to rebuild, and the only way to do so is to become younger and create a lot of cap space. Thus, the Knicks seem more convinced that it would not be worth it to trade away Anthony this off-season.

Knicks moving on

The Knicks are building around Kristaps Porzingis. However, the Latvian star wishes to continue to play with Anthony.

Carmelo is still one of the biggest attractions of the NBA, and Knicks fans love to have a star to cheer for at Madison Square Garden. Anthony is still a major force to reckon with at the small forward position, and his offense is as polished as any player in the NBA.

The Knicks fans deserve to celebrate something at last. Anthony remaining with the Knicks might not be the best news they could get, but at least it will give them one more reason to watch their beloved New York Knicks and hold onto hope one more season.

It looks like a Big 3 of James Harden, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony will not become a reality, at least for the now. Another super team in the Western Conference would have made the league even more lopsided. Anthony, 33, deserves a better ending to his career, but the Knicks also deserve to keep their star if they are unable to get fair value in return.