When Hurricane Harvey struck Texas, nobody knew just how much damage it could cause. So far, the flooding has caused multiple deaths, left destruction in its wake, and left millions without homes. The federal government and various charities have been attempting to rescue those hit hardest by the storm, but more work still needs to be done. To help, various donation drives and charities have been raising money online.

J.J. Watt

What originally started as a drive to raise $500,000 to help those in need has since grown to more than $7,000,000. The drive was started by NFL star J.J.

Watt, and tons of people, including NBA star Chris Paul, have donated significant amounts of money to the cause.

But Watt isn't the only one doing something to combat the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey. The Buffalo Bills organization has started its own charity drive to help those victims who were in the crisis.

Buffalo Bills Charity for Hurricane Victims

The Buffalo Bills have posted several videos on the subject, and one of their most recent ones features Jerry Hughes.

In the below video, Hughes urging those who can to contribute to the cause.

Hughes will also be donating $25,000 to the cause and will donate an additional $5000 for every sack he records this season to the relief effort.

Just another reason to root for him when he's on the field this year!

And Hughes wasn't the only Bills player looking to spread awareness for the cause. Jonathan Williams, who has family in Texas, is also urging people to help in any way they can.

Even Bills legend Thurman Thomas posted support for those affected on Twitter!

It's great to see that Bills players are pulling together to support the efforts in Houston. As we know, many people lost everything in the storm and will have a tough time regaining what they lost. NFL players like Jerry Hughes and J.J. Watt are contributing to the effort and Bills players continue to support recovery efforts there.

Meanwhile, the Buffalo Bills organization is doing what it can to donate to the recovery effort and is suggesting that those who are capable of giving a donation of just $10 do so.

Bills Sense of Community

It doesn't seem like there is any other NFL team that sticks together quite as much as the Buffalo Bills. In good times or bad, the players on the roster seem to stick together, even players like Reggie Ragland, who are traded away.

It's that Sense Of Community that keeps Buffalo fans sane after missing the playoffs for so long. But who knows? Maybe this will be the good karma that allows the Bills to finally sneak into the playoffs this year.