Arsenal is in serious trouble after latest reports claim Alexis Sanchez might not agree to sign a new contract with the English club. The Gunners made it clear they have no intention of selling their Star Player, but that could change if he refuses to sign.

The Chilean International has less than one year remaining on his current contract with Arsenal. At the moment, negotiations are going on, but it appears as if both club and player are having a difficult time coming to a new deal.

Arsene Wenger in an interview with SFR Sport, says he’s an Arsenal player for the short term, but he’s not sure if the club will be able to extend his contract.

Interestingly enough, he went on to add that Arsenal was not able to extend his contract last season. Therefore, he's not optimistic where that is concerned.

Nevertheless, Wenger made it clear the club is firm in its intentions of not selling him.

Losing their star man would be a huge blow to Arsenal and its dreams to lift the English Premier League title. Fans should bear in mind that Alexis scored 24 goals in the league last season, and as such, he has attracted interest from both Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City.

Sanchez won’t leave Arsenal this season

With less than 20 days left in the transfer season, it’s unlikely Arsenal will choose to sell Alexis Sanchez unless he wants to leave the club.

There might not be enough time to locate a suitable replacement who is capable of competing in England.

Wenger would rather add players than lose them at this time due to activities from rivals.

Manchester United, Manchester City, and Chelsea have spent millions of pounds in just a few weeks to boost their squad. Arsenal hasn’t spent that much, which goes to show that Wenger may believe the current crop is good enough to make a serious run for the title.

Surprisingly, the team performed well against Chelsea recently when it defeated the Blues 4-1 on penalties to win the Community Shield. That should give players the boost they need to compete and hopefully lift the title next year.

Arsenal shouldn’t rely on Sanchez

Here’s the thing, Alexis Sanchez is the original front-man for Arsenal, and the club has no one else good enough on the team to replace him should he fail to perform.

Because of this, the club should seek out one or more strikers to keep its competitive edge going forward.

Still, it might be difficult to get the right players as bigger clubs are spending a lot of money for the best talent, and Arsenal isn’t capable of competing in that regard.