Chelsea fans were excited when news broke that the club was close to signing Arsenal striker, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for $51 million. However, things took an unfortunate turn after the player made it clear to his club that he’d rather a move to Liverpool instead.

As it stands, Liverpool has now come to an agreement with Arsenal for a fee of $45 million, which is lower than what Chelsea was in agreement to pay. This is a huge blow to Arsenal, and also a blow to the Blues in its bid to land both Oxlade-Chamberlain and Drinkwater before the transfer windows close on Thursday.

Chelsea fears came through

Antonio Conte had feared the Reds would make a move and take the player right from under its nose, and that’s exactly what has happened. Chelsea wanted to make a quick signing, but the player had other intentions.

He has long wanted a move to Liverpool, so it was always going to be a tough chance for the Londoners to get him as a primary member of the squad.

As for Arsenal, well, the club did not want to do business with Liverpool, especially after the recent 4-0 defeat. Having one of its most promising players signing for the Reds will likely return to haunt, but there’s little the club can do when a player wants to leave.

Well, the board members can always fire Arsene Wenger, but that may never happen for a long time to come.

At the end of the day, players are walking away from the Gunners, which is a clear sign something needs to be done to retain talent and to gain new ones. Time will tell if the board is willing to see Arsenal fall or rise again to the top.

So what about the Blues, then?

The club may have missed out on several players this year, but things are looking up for them to sign Danny Drinkwater.

Apparently, Leicester City wants $58 million for the midfielder, but Chelsea is seeking to pay 25 million instead.

The thing is, Drinkwater wants to leave Leicester so that $58 million asking prices will likely go lower before the transfer windows close shut.

Additionally, there’s a good chance for Fernando Llorente to join the Londoners by Thursday.

Chelsea is holding talks with Swansea to sign the player, so there’s hope yet for Conte to get the players he wants. No to mention, Kylian Hazard, the brother of Eden Hazard, is now a part of the club.

He won’t be playing with the big guys anytime soon, but if he does well, his chance will come and the world will see if he gets what it takes to walk in his brother's shoe.