The WWE will hold their annual Battleground pay-per-view on Sunday night. The SmackDown exclusive card has three title matches, a WWE debut, and the first John Cena pay-per-view match since WrestleMania 33. With so much in store, here is a look at the Wwe Battleground preview.

WWE Battleground undercard

There is only one match scheduled for the WWE Battleground pre-show and that will see the popular Tye Dillinger battle Aiden English. This match shouldn’t be hard to predict as Dillinger has a lot of upside and English is a glorified jobber. Next up is the WWE debut of former Ring of Honor star Mike “Kanellis” Bennett as he battles Sami Zayn.

Sadly, this will end up as another loss for Zayn because if Bennett loses, he is dead in the water.

One of the most interesting matches on the card will see Shinsuke Nakamura battle Mr. Money in the Bank Baron Corbin. While it seems strange to job out the guy holding the Money in the Bank briefcase, the WWE has always done that. Shinsuke can’t lose here because he is set to be a major star soon.

WWE Battleground mid card matches

So, this is John Cena’s first pay-per-view appearance since WrestleMania 33. It is Rusev’s first pay-per-view match since before that. It stands to reason that John Cena will beat Rusev in this Flag Match because he is John Cena. However, Rusev could win by getting his flag and not pin Cena, which could help both men.

Up next is the five-woman elimination match to determine who the No. 1 contender to Naomi’s SmackDown Live Women’s title is. Natalya, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Tamina Snuka, and Lana are the five women. If the winner gets the SummerSlam match, Charlotte is the best bet. If the winner gets the shot on SmackDown Live, expect Natalya to win.

Becky Lynch needs to be mentioned here too.

WWE Battleground title matches

The first title match for WWE Battleground is the tag team title match. The Usos have been on a roll lately but they are battling New Day, the longest reigning tag team champions in WWE history. Odds are that the two teams will fight again at SummerSlam in some kind of gimmick match, so the Usos might keep the titles here.

AJ Styles won the United States title from Kevin Owens at an untelevised house show at Madison Square Garden. This is their rematch. Expect Owens to lose and AJ Styles to get a high-profile match at SummerSlam – possibly against John Cena.

The WWE Battleground main event sees Jinder Mahal defend his WWE world title against Randy Orton. Mahal has not had the best title reign and the WWE might be ready to move the title back to Orton. This is a Punjabi Prison match and there is also a chance Jinder finally wins the feud and the WWE sets him up against a big star at SummerSlam.