Being a true Packers fan is more of a lifestyle than anything else. The Green Bay Packers come from a small Wisconsin market, yet are one of the most popular teams in America and have some of the most dedicated fans.

But one of the other major pro sports teams in the area may be on the rise and looking to challenge the Packers for fan allegiance, and that is the Milwaukee Bucks. While one can be a sports fan of multiple sports and teams within the same city (like the fans in Boston or New York), usually fans have a favorite league or team even if they cheer for all the teams in the area.

So, could Wisconsin's basketball team ever become more successful or popular than its football team?

The short answer is maybe, but likely no, and here is why.

Bucks: rising or falling?

Things were really looking spectacular for the young NBA team. After acquiring the highly touted Jabari Parker through the second overall draft pick, the Bucks then saw another young star on their team emerge. Giannis Antetokounmpo (also referred to as the Greek Freak) had a monster season and Parker recovered from an ACL injury quite well.

The Bucks were starting to look like the next big thing in the NBA two or three years down the line. The Greek Freak even promised his fans that he would not leave Milwaukee until he had helped the team compete for championships.

Yet Parker tore his ACL for a second time and the Greek Freak, despite signing a four year deal, now has been rumored to want an exit from Milwaukee. The only way the Bucks can compete with the Packers is with total success in the NBA, yet their current future seems shaky at the moment.

The power of the Packers

The Packers are one of the most notable franchises in the NFL, they have fans across the country and are one of the most successful teams in the league.

Furthermore, they might just be one of the most entertaining teams to watch. They end many games with a miraculous Hail Mary, their quarterback is one of the most dynamic players in the league, and their main fanbase is as loyal as they come. Also, while the NBA is very successful, America is crazy for football, and the NFL is the biggest sports league in the country.

So how can the Bucks possibly compete? The answer is simple, they must win. Team relevance is largely driven by success. If the Packers become poor as Rodgers gets older, and the Bucks can grow their Young Team's success, Wisconsin fans will turn to the more successful and interesting narrative.

But the Bucks' once bright future seems shaky and unstable. If they can weather the early troubles they are facing and grow into a championship team, they could one day win over Wisconsin fans. That said, with the future in serious doubt due to recurring injuries and other rumors, as well as Packers loyalty, it will be hard to imagine a world where the Packers are terrible and the Bucks are on top of the Wisconsin sports hierarchy.