After spending most of his career with Manchester United, Wayne Rooney is finally stepping away from a club no one thought he would ever leave. Rooney has been with the club for over 13 years, and was, on many occasions, the most important player on the team.

Nevertheless, he was not an overly impressive player. There are many footballers in the English Premier League that are better at what they do than Rooney, but he still managed to make history with Manchester United. During his time with the club, Rooney scored 253 goals to become the club's leading scorer.

To further solidify his legacy with the club, he helped United win five Premier League titles, along with the 2015-16 FA Cup. Additionally, he was there when United took home the 2007-2008 Champions League trophy. The 31-year old has proven himself to the world of football, and to think, Manchester United bought him over from Everton for only $34 million.

Rooney returning to Everton

With Jose Mourinho at United as the new manager, it was evident things were going to change. Rooney is not at the level of quality Mourinho wants as a striker, and it shows in his play style and lack of goals. The player was forced to the bench countless times as Mourinho took advantage of other players' skills.

With Rooney no longer a major factor to United's success, it comes as no surprise to find out the star player is moving to Everton.

It's his first club, so it makes perfect sense for him to finish his career there. Now, if everything goes according to plan, Rooney will make the sixth signing of the year by Ronald Koeman. The players before him are Michael Keane, Jordan Pickford, Davy Klassen, Sandro Ramirez and Henry Onyekuru to Goodison Park.

While the player has lost some of his potency, he's still a solid striker, and we expect him to rise to the occasion at Everton due to less pressure from the manager and fans.

Manchester United gunning for Romelu Lukaku

The red devils recently announced that management had reached an agreement with Romelu Lukaku, the replacement for Rooney. Interestingly enough, United purchased Romelu Lukaku for the cool price of $96 million from none other than Everton.

Furthermore, Chelsea desperately wants to have Lukaku as its main striker. The club increased its bid for the player in an attempt to shift things in its favor. However, it's likely too late for Chelsea to sway both Lukaku and Everton due to its very late attempt.