The Warriors are really wanting to keep this dynasty in the making together. After a busy day one of free agency, the Warriors re-signed Steph Curry, Shaun Livingston, and David West to deals. Then, Marcus Thompson II of The Mercury News reported that the Warriors are set to offer free agent Andre Iguodala a three-year offer with a salary of $13 to $15 million a year.

Possibly the best deal Iguodala will get

As of now, it is reported that this is the best deal that Iguodala will get on the free agent market. Iguodala met with the Spurs and the Rockets, both meetings that he requested.

However, Houston is said to only be able to offer him $10 million a year. The Rockets would have to dump salary in order to bring him in, so it seems that the Rockets are not as likely to sign him. It is unknown what the Spurs can offer, but you can never count out the ability of the Spurs to come and convince players to come play for coach, Greg Popovich.

The Warriors want to resign the MVP of the 2015 NBA Finals. He has been an outstanding two-way player for the team. He was a finalist in for the Sixth Man of the Year Award this past season. He holds a positive locker-room presence. Most importantly, he was a player that let ego aside to help the team win. Most may forget that Iguodala used to be a 17-19 point-per-game type of player, but the Warriors asked him to switch his roles, and he has done so these last four seasons.

How much will Durant make?

Durant is also someone that wants to keep Iguodala on the team. Durant declined his $27.7 million player option before free agency started. If the Warriors are going to offer Iguodala a contract that pays him $13-15 million a year, it's possible that Durant could accept another one-year, or two-year deal with a player option.

The Warriors could possibly offer Iguodala $5 million more than other teams in the league by having Durant make about $20-22 million a year. The longevity of the contract is what will make the deal interesting. If Iguodala were to accept a three-year deal, it's important to note that sharpshooting guard, Klay Thompson, will be eligible to be a free agent that year.

It seems like Durant likes it in Golden State. Who wouldn't after you help a team win their second championship in three years? If the money does not interest Durant, then he could take a two-year contract with a player option, so that he could rework his deal to help retain Thompson down the road. The Warriors are wanting to be like the 90's Chicago Bulls, a team that won six titles in ten years. The way they are playing the system, it's possible that it could happen.