The NBA offseason has been full of twists and turns, as well as big surprises. Another star has been signed to a max deal to stay with their respected team. The reigning champion Stephen Curry and the Warriors have agreed to a 5-year deal worth about 201 million dollars. Curry joins Blake Griffin, Kyle Lowry, and others who signed max deals to stay with their teams.

Worth the money?

There has been some debate about whether Curry is worth the amount of money or not. Or if he should have been paid more in fact? With his new contract, he will be getting paid about 40 million dollars per year.

It is the highest contract given out yet in the league.

Before this deal occurred, Curry was playing at a low cost. He was playing on a four year, 44 million dollar contract. For his career, he has averaged nearly 23 points, about seven assists, four rebounds, and close to 2 steals per game. Nobody can forget that he led the league in 3-pointers for five straight seasons. Equally impressive is that his career three-point shooting percentage is the third highest all time at 43.8% by ESPN statistics. His career total of three-pointers made at 1,917 is also ranked 10th all time.

It was a priority to re-sign Curry because of how good he played this season. Curry is the face of the franchise, regardless of the fact that Durant joined them.

He is their foundational star and is dazzling in open space and in shooting the three-pointer. Additionally, the player from Davidson is one of the best shooters that the NBA has ever seen. He has proven that he can do it all on the court.

Stephen Curry had also to overcome a lot of adversity with his ankle issues when he entered the league.

There is no doubt that he has proven his worth and has worked hard for the organization. He is a two time MVP, four-time All-Star, and he still has many years in front of him at 29 years of age.

Dynastic team in play

The team is looking to keep their championship team intact. The club still has another shooter Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Zaza Pachulia, and of course Kevin Durant.

The Warriors will be looking to get better working together and could win another championship next year.

The champions show no signs of slowing down. They will most likely be at the top of the Western Conference again as they have kept all their great players on the roster. It can be argued that the only team that can compete with them is the San Antonio Spurs. Although, the Warriors look like a team who could win for years to come.

The bench will be looking good with David West signing another deal, along with Shaun Livingston. Andre Iguodala has also chosen to sign back with the team, despite other deals from other organizations. Fans should not be surprised to see the team win again next season.