The NBA has revealed the Nike jerseys that players will wear for the upcoming 2017-2018 season that starts in mid-October. It was first reported by Darren Rovell, ESPN's Business Reporter. He shared a picture on Twitter of the new jersey, a Warriors home white jersey with the number 17 on it and the swoosh logo on the left corner of the jersey. There will be four jerseys for each of the 30 teams and they will be able to pick which jersey they would like to wear at home and on the road.

The Association Edition

One of the new jerseys that will be coming out in the summer to October is the white Association Edition jerseys.

It is named this because it pays homage to the best basketball league in the world. It is a traditional home white jersey that all home teams will have in their collection of jerseys. This jersey represents an achievement -- and few can say that they have been a part of the best basketball league on earth. The swoosh logo is on the left side at the top of the jersey, and on the shorts, it is on the right side just above the kneecap.

The Iconic Edition

This edition of the set of new Nike-sponsored jerseys is the typical road jersey. It is the one you see in most closets in homes. It represents the heritage and history of each franchise. The Iconic Edition uses the team's primary color. For example, for the Golden State Warriors, the Iconic Edition jersey color would be blue, since that is their primary color.

The location of the swoosh logos are the same here as they are on The Association Edition jerseys.

Two other jersey options

There are also two other jersey options inspired by the Athlete's Market and the Community Market. These jerseys are inspired by the players themselves and their fans as well. These two jerseys will be released later this fall, according to

The Classic Edition

In addition to the four jerseys mentioned above, eight teams will be provided with a Classic Edition that they can wear when they choose. These jerseys celebrate some of the most iconic jerseys in league history. The teams wearing these legendary jerseys have not been announced yet, but it would be a good guess that two of them would be the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Ads on the jerseys

As of right now, there are no ad logos on the jerseys. However, there are nine teams that have said that they would like to put ad logos on their jerseys, including the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics. The Cavaliers will have Good Year on their jerseys, while the Celtics agreed to have General Electric.