Tagg Romney is more than just the son of a failed presidential candidate. He's a businessman - a venture capitalist, specifically. So any opportunity to be part of a money-making machine is one he would probably be interested in, such as owning the Miami Marlins. But as the bidding process for the baseball team continues to stall and drag along, Romney is reportedly getting out of the game - or maybe not, after contradicting statements emerged.

Romney reportedly pulls out

On Wednesday night, veteran reporter Jon Heyman took to Twitter to report that Romney was backing out of the bidding process for the Marlins.

He didn't give a reason, but claimed that the rest of his group - which includes Jeb Bush, among others - would continue their pursuit of the team. Jeffrey Loria has been trying to sell the team for some time, but the process has become extremely complicated and slow in recent months, leading to plenty of confusion.

The report become more complicated a little bit later in the night, as Heyman followed up with a report from a Marlins source, which contradicted the idea that Romney was no longer involved. Of course, everything is taking place behind closed curtains, so the people who are in and out won't really become known until a sale actually takes place - if ever.

Meet the Marlins (bidders)

Even if Romney is out, there are still plenty more that are in. The most prominent one is baseball legend Derek Jeter, who has always expressed an interest in ownership.

He is having a hard time keeping his group together, though, as he seems to be interested in being the primary owner without putting forth the most money. Michael Jordan has since hopped aboard that group, so there is some renewed momentum that they will be able to use prestige to swoop in and grab the Marlins.

Besides Bush, luminaries such as former pitcher Tom Glavine and musical artist Pitbull are also in Romney's group.

Then, there's Miami businessman Jorge Mas. He emerged out of nowhere to become a leader in the race. But recent rumors have suggested he could pull out if a deal isn't going to get done soon. The original timeline pitted a sale - or at least a choice for best bid - around the All-Star break, which was now a week ago. Yet there's no indication a sale is any closer than before. If the process doesn't speed up soon, Loria may be stuck with the Marlins - and Marlins fans may be stuck with Loria, an even worse fate, all things considered.