Long term commitment is what the Golden State Warriors are looking for in their fan base. This commitment is rumored to be, ultimatey, rewarded. They are not talking about the championship level of basketball they are already providing and will continue to provide for the foreseeable future. San Francisco Chronicles' Al Saracevic on Wednesday informed that the Golden State Warriors had announced their plans for season ticket sales when the Chase Center opens in 2019.

The Warriors are looking for long-term fans

This association program will have consumers who purchase season tickets, have them pay a one time fee.

This membership will allow them to buy their seats for the next 30 years. And that the Golden State Warriors organization at the end of these 30 years will give the season ticket holder a full refund, which is the first time this will be used in pro sports.

Al Saraceivic also made a point that the Golden State Warriors were planning on selling 12,000 seats to season-ticket holders. This capacity is two-thirds of their 18,000 seat arena. For the remaining 6,000 seats, they will be available each game to non-season-ticket holders. The prices for these seats have yet to be decided. Rick Welts, Golden State Warriors president emphasized that this refund program for their 30-year membership deal differentiate this deal compared to buying a ticket for a single NBA game.

There will be many famous Warriors moments ahead

As observed by Al Saracevic, individuals that purchase the 30-year long season ticket deal will have first access to Chase Center events. Although there will be a team ran second-hand market for supporters to sell or transfer their season tickets, a purchase by an individual will be a long-term commitment.

With this in mind, however, the Golden State Warriors are currently reigning supreme in the NBA, they have won two of the last three NBA Finals, and in the season they did not have the NBA Title, they set a record for most wins in a regular season with 73.

The Golden State Warriors had four all-stars in the 2017 All-Star Game this year Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, who are all under the age of 30, which makes the Warriors title contenders for the foreseeable future. While the Warriors current dominance will not last for the next 30 years, the fans that purchase one of these season tickets will at least be able to witness a current dynasty for the next few years.