The New York Mets' rivalry with the New York Yankees extends beyond the living. The former allowed one of their players to hop on Twitter on Friday to answer some questions from the team's fans. Starting pitcher Seth Lugo had plenty of interesting things to say, but the most interesting may have come in regards to what Hall of Fame batter he would've liked to face. His answer: Yankees legend Mickey Mantle.

Mantle against the Mets pitcher

At 3:00 PM ET, Lugo opened the floodgates for Mets fans (and detractors) to send him their questions via the team's official Twitter account.

The very first question was the one that piqued the interest of many - picking a Hall of Famer to face. Lugo was very brief in his answers - Twitter somewhat necessitates that - but he declared Mantle to be the object of his competitive desire.

Lugo never got to see Mantle play - Lugo was born in 1989 and Mantle died in 1995, well after the conclusion of his playing career. But the young Mets pitcher should be careful about what he asks for. The Yankees legend was a three-time MVP and once won the Triple Crown. Because interleague play didn't exist at the time (the National League was still in its infancy), Mantle never went up against his cross-town rivals.

But considering he hit at least .274 against every team he played during his career, he likely would've tormented the Mets as well.

Other Lugo nuggets

Beyond the Mantle answer, Lugo had plenty of interesting things to say about his baseball career. He said he would've solicited advice from the legendary Bob Gibbons, though he likely meant Bob Gibson (that tweet was removed).

He was a Texas Rangers fan growing up. He started throwing his curveball when he was 11 years old and is prepared to hit more homers for the Mets. He was also honored to play for Puerto Rico during the World Baseball Classic in March.

There was plenty of silliness percolating as well. He prefers cats to dogs and isn't planning on dyeing his hair again.

His favorite show growing up was "Rugrats." Lugo's favorite color is green (which the Mets don't wear, unfortunately). He's not a fan of putting pineapple on pizza and vibes with Tyrion from "Game of Thrones," his favorite show. Perhaps most importantly, his favorite flavor of Doritos is nacho cheese and he doesn't enjoy sitcoms on television. The Twitter session was a good chance for fans to get to know one of their young pitchers a little better.