When embarking on the next chapter of his basketball career following arguably the most talked about free agent signing in NBA history, Kevin Durant's focus on winning a championship was overwhelmingly evident. Controversy, scrutiny, friendships, and not even a loving fan base could sway Durant's decision to join the Golden State Warriors. At that time it was also a foregone conclusion that Kevin Durant someday signing with his hometown Washington Wizards was inconceivable.

To be the man you got to mimic the man?

However, in the immediate aftermath of winning his first and highly coveted NBA championship, Durant did two notable things.

First, he paid homage to his native DMV (Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia) that included references of Seat Pleasant, MD, the city in which he was raised as well as Prince Georges County where Seat Pleasant is located. The depth of this shout out, in my opinion, shows an unwavering affection/allegiance for a city and its surrounding the metropolitan area that is also starving for a professional sports title, maybe even more than he.

Secondly, #Durant often alluded to his desire to overtake LeBron James. While this appeared to be no secret, Durant seemed more candid than ever after defeating his friend and rival for his first championship even stating that James "paved the way" for him to join the Golden State Warriors.

So how will Lebron influence his future decision making? Lebron James left home to win a title and once accomplishing that goal he returned to Cleveland confident feeling fully prepared to lead a starving city of sports fans to a championship.

Sound familiar?

Durant has now also accomplished this feat and similar to James he will be in a great position to repeat as NBA championship next season.

Regardless of the outcome of this upcoming NBA season, the fact will remain that KD is a champion. So will he yet again follow the footsteps of Lebron and return home?

Love, Business, and Basketball

August 17th is "Kevin Durant Day" in Seat Pleasant which is described as a parade festival full of activities celebrating a hometown hero.

This honorary day further signifies a love between KD and his hometown that is rarely seen in the DC area. So if Durant is honored with a special day that to the blind eye looks like a county fair while residing and playing in a different time zone, what would life be like if Durant were to return to home to further his career? It's clear Kevin Durant is not hurting for money just solely based on his Nike endorsement deal. However, how many more KD shoes, jerseys, and gear would sell if he were to be a member of the Washington Wizards?

The financial ramifications would be enormous and not easily ignored even for a guy as deep in the pockets as KD. With all of these factors in play, the remaining question is will the Wizards have the ability to sign #Durant both from a financial and personal standpoint?

To start, the Wizards as currently constructed are an appealing team with a strong core of talent headlined by All Star John Wall.

A potential Durant signing would also signify a change in roles for recently re-signed small forward Otto Porter Jr. appearing to strengthen the Wizards bench. Durant's former coach Scott Brooks can also be considered a plus in spite of him appearing to be a nonfactor previously. As aforementioned, Durant's desire to win a title outweighed multiple factors. Biggest of all is recent developments with the Cleveland Cavaliers organization which appears prime to lose all star guard Kyrie Irving. In addition to a possible Irving departure, Lebron James has not made any commitments beyond this upcoming season which would appear to leave the Eastern conference wide open.

The projected salary cap for the 2018 - 19 season is an astounding $108 million dollars which are when Kevin Durant could be on the market. The Wizards will be expected to make another run at Durant which leaves yet another big decision. Will KD want to remain part of a dynasty in Golden State or take his legacy to new heights in Washington? Time will tell, but as the classic saying goes "there's no place like home."