Anthony Davis is the undisputed franchise player of the new orleans Pelicans but may have to share the limelight with last NBA season’s late acquisition, DeMarcus Cousins. The surprising deal saw the temperamental big man come in, most begging to ask how they can get along.

The Pelicans caught a glimpse of things to come in the remaining games they had during the 2016-17 NBA season. Seeing how both had to adjust to each other, the combo failed to reap immediate dividends as both tried to define their roles.

Now, however, the coming NBA season will be entirely different.

Both have all the time to adjust to the other – meaning their roles will be better defined next season under the watch of head coach Alvin Gentry.

"Boogie" and "Brow" work out together

According to latest reports, Cousins and Davis have been working out together in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. They are out early trying to adjust to one another, their efforts of which are likely to be seen once training camp comes around.

Both do have a lot of ground to cover and both want to take advantage of the lull to get somewhere. Davis admitted that the limited time they had last season prevented them from jelling but all that could be different come this NBA season.

The main of Cousins and Davis working out is to adjust.

Both do operate inside the paint, and things could get crowded if there is no proper spacing. Thankfully, both are gifted with a decent outside shot, meaning it may all be a matter of who plays inside and the perimeter.

Will the Pelicans fly?

Banding together two of the most dominant big men in the NBA is something rare. However, those talents are wasted without the right facilitator.

With Cousins and Davis defining their roles and knowing where they stand, the task of making them look good rests on the point guard playing alongside them.

Jrue Holiday was seen as the one to do all that, though his scoring would take a hit. But with the entry of Rajon Rondo, Holiday just got a pass with the veteran guard tasked to orchestrate and make everyone look good.

Rondo and Cousins played together with the Sacramento Kings, but nothing panned out. Surprisingly, it was Boogie who recruited Rondo – both of whom will hopefully behave and keep their emotions in check.

If all goes well, the Pelicans should be darkhorse for the coming season. Gentry may have his hands full utilizing both big men – not to mention managing egos and outbursts to lead New Orleans to at least a playoff spot.