This summer, Lonzo Ball had a great start to his NBA career when he won the MVP of the NBA's summer league as his Los Angeles Lakers won the tournament. However, Lonzo's little brother LeMelo Ball was not so lucky. LeMelo played on an AAU team coached by their father LaVar Ball and his dad's actions caused the team to lose the tournament by forfeit when they walked off the court.

The AAU tournament

LaVar Ball was coaching his son LeMelo Ball's Big Ballers AAU team in the Double Pump Best of Summer Tournament located in Anaheim, California. A referee in the game called a foul on one of the Big Ballers players when they attempted a steal and LaVar Ball kept repeating that it wasn't a foul.

LaVar then said the call was "bulls***."

The referee then gave LaVar Ball a Technical Foul for his comments and that sent the elder Ball over the line. LaVar called his team of high school students over to him and instructed them to grab their stuff and walked off the court, quitting the game and losing the tournament.

After the game, LaVar Ball was recorded talking about the incident and said that they didn't come to this tournament and play hard just to have the referees cheat the kids. He then claimed that he doesn't "play that s***."

Clutch Players Navy ended up winning the game by forfeit over the Big Ballers AAU team, despite losing 69-60 at the time that LaVar Ball forced his team to quit the game.

A video was released of the entire incident by the Big Ballers Brand.

LaVar Ball's antics to date

LaVar Ball taking LeMelo Ball and his teammates and walking out on the AAU tournament was just one of many things that the controversial father has pulled off since his son prepared for the NBA Draft. He said that Lonzo Ball was a better player than Steph Curry, said that he could have beaten Michael Jordan one-on-one in their primes and that his son would only play for the Los Angeles Lakers, refusing to work out on any other teams.

However, there was a big problem with this latest incident at the AAU tournament. Remember that Lonzo Ball played for UCLA and was a star there when his father blamed their loss in the NCAA tournament on Lonzo's teammates. UCLA also has committed to LeMelo Ball and they were in attendance to watch him play in the tournament.

UCLA coaches watched their future commit walk out on a game when a call didn't go the team's way.

Jeremy Nesbitt, the coach of the Clutch Players, called the video above "one-sided" but he appreciates the attention that Big Ballers brought to his boys, who left the AAU tournament as winners. Nesbitt also said he was proud that his team "respected the game."