Promising Los Angeles Lakers guard Lonzo Ball is as excited as anyone to share the same backcourt with newly signed Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.

The Los Angeles-based franchise signed Caldwell Pope, 24, to a one-year, $18,000,000 contract this week. Caldwell-Pope spent the opening four years of his NBA career representing the Detroit Pistons. He averaged 13.8 points on 39.9 field goal percentage in 76 games played this past season.

Ball, a highly dynamic and explosive player, was added to the roster earlier as he got drafted at number two by the Lakers in last month's NBA draft.

Ball, 19, is just okay with the 24-year-old's game-style and characteristics

''I know he’s a shooter. I know he can run so that’s going to work fine for me. Can’t wait to play with him,'' Ball said of Caldwell-Pope, revealed Lakers Nation's Serena Winters on Twitter.

Providing a tough cover on the defensive end

Former UCLA Bruin Lonzo Ball believes he and 8th pick of the 2013 NBA draft, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, could be a legit defensive duo in the league. Ball, a 6ft 6in point guard, and the 6ft 5in shooting guard out of Georgia lack no length for their respective positions.

The Los Angeles Lakers are desperate to improve their defense as the team has been one of the worst defensive teams in the last couple of years.

Ball could struggle in his rookie year as he has yet to experience the real NBA basketball level and intensity. However, playing alongside Caldwell-Pope, one of better guard defenders in the league, should make the 19-year-old feel more comfortable on the court.

''A lot more versatile to the defense. Like you said he can guard multiple positions, so can I.

So that helps a lot.''

The changes

The Los Angeles Lakers are expected to feature Lonzo Ball, this year's second overall pick, and former Piston Kentavious Caldwell-Pope alongside each other in their starting backcourt next season.

D'Angelo Russell, now a Brooklyn Net, and recent Golden State Warriors acquisition Nick Young were a primary Lakers' starting backcourt duo last year.

The Lakers hope the Ball and Caldwell-Pope duo can succeed as the team would love to have found their backcourt for many years to come.

Should Caldwell-Pope prove himself to the Lakers organization, the team would certainly be willing to give him a long-term contract a year from now.

On the other side, the team is pretty much locked in on Ball, who they consider to be a superstar in the making.