Day two of Training Camp overall seemed to go well for the Packers. The key players that the Packers need all seemed to play well according to tweets by different Packers analysts. The session went on for over two hours and had a few great moments mixed with one scary one.

The Good

Jordy Nelson had an amazing season and he looked as explosive as ever today. It seems as though he will be playing slot receiver based on the practice. But with his newfound ability to really play both inside and outside receiver, coach McCarthy seems to think he will be an even more dynamic weapon.

With Nelson moving around it seems as if the younger receivers will really need to step it up as outside receivers in order to stretch the field.

The team's offense was also impeccable in the two-minute drills as Rodgers really has begun to connect with tight end Martellus Bennett, as the two connected for a last second touchdown.

Rodgers as a whole just seems more focused than ever, he is practicing with attention to detail. Despite many Packers fan crowning Rodgers as the greatest quarterback ever, I've written in the past that Rodgers is not satisfied with all that he has accomplished quite yet, and his words yesterday proved it. He told the media he wanted more titles and would not accept mediocrity.

Talk about being in the mindset.

Issues to keep an eye on

There was a heavy emphasis on ball security today in order to keep the running backs from creating turnovers. Yet, it will be something to keep an eye on during the season, the running back core is deep but very young. Even star Ty Montgomery had only been at the position of running back for a short period of time.

The scariest moment occurred when Martellus Bennett looked to be injured. While successful today, he did have to leave and return from the offense during the practice. Bennett competes, but he is also slightly injury prone, it is something to take note of.

It also becomes apparent just how shallow the team is at center. Corey Linsley has performed well for the team but has been known to rush back from injuries and re-injure himself.

The main point being that if Linsley goes down, he might be out for a while and the Packers will have nobody prepared to back him up.

Overall day two did not have anything too much out of the ordinary. It will be interesting to see Rodgers' championship drive continue to grow as well as watch his connection with Martellus Bennett and other young or new offensive weapons develop.