Green Bay Packers rookie Kevin King is still learning the ropes - that includes social media use. There are some things that may be inappropriate to post on Twitter as a professional athlete. It can be debated endlessly if one of his posts on Thursday night crossed the line. Regardless of the final tally, however, the cornerback will quickly learn that there will be scrutiny over everything he does going forward.

Interesting Twitter post

King is active on Twitter and appears to have an engaging personality. On Thursday, he was using that personality to his benefit, tweeting about Oakland taco joints and asking what people want to be in a decade, or a decade and a half.

But then, the conversation took a bit of a turn, as the Packers rookie asked another question, this time about drink choices - and all of the options had something in common.

After 863 votes, Ciroc was pulling away as the early leader, with Hennessy in second and Patron in a close third. That's somewhat beside the point, though. Nobody is foolish enough to think that NFL players don't drink and King is above the legal drinking age. But in an era where everything is scrutinized for whether or not it's "kid-friendly," this post would not pass the test. The Packers are a well-respected organization and are known to carry themselves in a certain way.

That has to translate to Twitter, whether it seems asinine or not.

Hopes for King

When he isn't posting on Twitter, King is making an impact during the team's practices in the lead-up to training camp and the preseason. The Packers drafted him with the 33rd overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, expecting him to make an immediate impact and shore up a position of concern for the team.

By most indications, it appears King will have the opportunity to do so.

King had to miss some of his orientation with the Packers due to the archaic NFL rules preventing players from leaving their school if the end of the semester has not yet passed, which only really affects schools on the west coast. Some great defensive backs have come out of Washington recently, though, including Desmond Trufant and Marcus Peters.

If King is anything like one of those guys, the Packers will have their long-term answer at cornerback. Many questions - and Twitter polls - still need to be answered, but for the most part, the hype surrounding the team's top pick from the spring appears to be justified for the fans.