When the Cleveland Cavaliers pushed General Manager David Griffin out of the organization, no less than LeBron James spoke up and said that he appreciated Griffin even if no one else did. David looked to get a second chance when he traveled to New York to discuss the open general manager position with the New York Knicks. However, ESPN reported on Sunday that Griffin pulled his name out of the search for their new leader.

The Knicks wouldn't give Griffin control

Maybe the New York Knicks were gun shy after former President Phil Jackson damaged the team and left them as one of the worst in the NBA.

Whatever the reason, the Knicks were not willing to give David Griffin the power that he felt he needed if he wanted to bring the Knicks back to respectability.

According to the ESPN reports, David Griffin said that he wanted the ability to bring in his own front office personnel, including scouts and more. However, the New York Knicks have shown a reluctance to eliminate their front office employees despite changes in general manager and team president positions. Griffin felt that if he didn't have people he trusted in the front office, he could not do his job properly.

The biggest problem for the New York Knicks and David Griffin was that the team as unable to figure out his exact position when it came to decision making.

Ever since Phil Jackson left the team, front-office executive Steve Mills has made all the offseason decisions including giving a monster contract to Tim Hardaway Jr. last week.

What is next for Griffin and the Knicks

For David Griffin, it looks like he might just sit out a year as there are no other openings that would fit someone with his experience and success.

Griffin could take on a consulting job with an NBA team or possibly work with a television network or the NBA itself.

For the New York Knicks, the elimination of David Griffin from contention means that Steve Mills will continue to play the role of general manager while they look for a new general manager. With the arrival of Tim Hardaway Jr., the next task is to possibly trade Carmelo Anthony, although he will only waive his no-trade clause for a trade to the Cleveland Cavaliers or Houston Rockets.

Steve Mills is rumored to become the New York Knicks team president once the team finds a new general manager. However, the new general manager they hire will have to apparently agree to work alongside Mills when making decisions so it is not likely they will find one of the top names in the game. David Griffin pulling his name out proves that.