Ever since David Griffin has been the general manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers, the team has made it to the NBA Finals, winning once and losing the other two to the Golden State Warriors. Despite the success, the Cavaliers forced Griffin out and chose to replace him due to what the team referred to as difficulties working together. Now, Griffin is in talks with the New York Knicks to become their next general manager.

David Griffin's success

David Griffin is a true NBA success story. He started out his NBA career as an intern for the Phoenix Suns, where he worked for a number of years, working his way up to a front-office executive position.

He was the assistant general manager with the Cleveland Cavaliers before they promoted him to the main general manager position in 2014. For all three seasons that he led the Cavaliers, they saw success.

However, due to the fact that Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert does not work well with others, David Griffin was forced out after the 2017 NBA Draft but before the free agency period began. It wasn't a popular move either, as LeBron James sent out a tweet that let Griffin know he appreciated him even if no one else did. That opened up the rumor mill concerning LeBron leaving the Cavaliers after next season ends.

With that said, David Griffin became one of the hottest names in front-office personnel and the New York Knicks are talking to him about their job opening.

New York Knicks problems

This is not a done deal by a long shot. While the New York Knicks seem to want to hire David Griffin, there are a couple of things holding this back. ESPN reported that, despite the constant turnover with the Knicks' management, they have mostly kept their front office personnel intact. The word is that Griffin wants to bring in his own people - those who helped him build the Cleveland Cavaliers into an NBA Finals team.

At the moment, it doesn't seem like the New York Knicks will agree to that, and if they don't, David Griffin is likely to walk away from the job.

There are also a number of roster concerns. When phil jackson was let go, the New York Knicks seemed ready to move on with Carmelo Anthony but they seem to have changed their minds.

The new Knicks president Steve Mills has been dealing with free agency and just gave Tim Hardaway Jr. a shockingly large four-year, $71 million deal.

This means that the New York Knicks are almost assured to part ways with Carmelo Anthony. He has agreed to waive his no-trade clause only if they trade him to the Houston Rockets or Cleveland Cavaliers. This is a mess and David Griffin will want to have full control of his front office if he steps into the situation.