Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott is possibly facing a four game suspension from the NFL. It isn't for anything he did but was instead for situations he put himself in. This is a problem with a lot of young athletes and a fellow Cowboys star had similar problems when he first entered the NFL. While talking with reporters, ESPN reports that Dez Bryant said that these are just stepping stones for Elliott and he will mature as he gets older.

Ezekiel Elliott's legal problems

The first problem came before Ezekiel Elliott even played a down for the Dallas Cowboys.

He was accused of domestic violence against a woman shortly after the NFL Draft last year. The police never filed charges and witnesses said nothing happened and the woman was lying. Despite that, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has proven that he will suspend players without any proof of guilt.

There was an incident with another woman where Ezekiel Elliott pulled up a woman's shirt and was caught doing so on video. The woman never filed any sort of complaint against Elliott but it still made the previous charges look bad.

Finally, last week Elliott was at a bar when an incident occurred and a man left with an injured nose. Someone at the scene of the incident said that Ezekiel Elliott was involved but the police suspended the entire investigation because they said no witnesses came forward and they can't contact the alleged victim.

Dez Bryant comments

Dez Bryant came into the NFL with a troubled past. He played for the Oklahoma State Cowboys and the NCAA deemed him ineligible due to connections with Deion Sanders, who was trying to help the young star. Once Bryant hit the NFL, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had to pay someone to stay with Bryant to keep him out of trouble.

When it comes to learning from mistakes and growing, Dez Bryant knows a lot about that. Now 28-years-old, Bryant said that these issues for Ezekiel Elliott are just "stepping stones" and that he is a young kid coming from college to the life of the NFL. Bryant then said that when the Cowboys star running back gets older, he will mature and things will get "smoother."

Retired Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo also came out in defense of Ezekiel Elliott.

According to Romo in a radio interview in Dallas, Ezekiel is a "good kid." Romo said that he is "just trying to find his way." While Elliott has faced no criminal charges in any incident, the Cowboys just need him to stay away from compromising situations in the future.