Wade Davis has been everything to the Cubs this season. He is the team's lone representative on the All-Star roster. He has a 1.86 Earned Run Average with 16 saves. The Cubs hit a homerun when they acquired him in a trade with Jorge Soler. The question is will they keep him?

Davis could be trade bait

Davis is set a to be a free agent after this season. He holds a similar role to what Aroldis Chapman had last season. Chapman was a pending free agent, but the Cubs were buyers at the trade deadline, so they sent a haul of prospects to the New York Yankees to rent Chapman.

The move proved to be vital in their World Series run.

A team that is in search for a closer or more bullpen help could use a player like Davis. A team like the Astros comes to mind. Ken Giles has 19 saves on the year, but has a 3.45 earned run average. He has not shut down opponents like Davis. The Astros could give a decent package in return because they have six prospects in the MLB.com Top 100 Prospects.

Move makes sense for Cubs

The Cubs have Carl Edwards Jr. for a couple more years, and he could slide into the closer role. He has been the second best reliever on the team. If the Cubs move Davis, it would net possibly 75% of what they gave up for Chapman last season without hurting their long-term success.

Edwards is no Davis, but there is no guarantee the Cubs will bring him back after this year. If the Cubs groomed Edwards for his new role now, it would help the Cubs next season, and potentially this season if the Cubs can still win the division.

The Cubs need another starter. John Lackey is not coming back next season. Jake Arrieta could come back next season, but there are rumors he won't.

If Davis is likely gone next season, then flipping him for prospects could really help the Cubs.

Marlins scout Cubs farm system

The Miami Marlins were scouting the Red Sox, Yankees, and Cubs as of late. It doesn't make sense that the Marlins were scouting the Cubs. The Marlins have AJ Ramos, David Phelps, and Kyle Barraclough as trade chips.

None of these pitchers are top tier starters, so it's likely that the Cubs will not trade for any of these pitchers.

The Marlins should know that the Cubs are in need of starting pitching. The Cubs aren't going to make a run at their position players either as Marcell Ozuna has been rumored to be on the trading block. In the end, the Marlins wasted their time because they are not going to get any of their farm assets in a trade.