The memo evidently was not intended for LeBron James to see. However, rumors began circulating that Kyrie Irving wants to be traded out of the Cleveland Cavaliers for one simple reason – he no longer intends to play behind the shadows of King James.

As the story progresses, some important questions arise: what will happen with the Cavaliers’ Big Three? Where will Kyrie play next? Could this be the golden ticket for Carmelo Anthony to play alongside LeBron?

Kyrie requested to be traded out of Cleveland

Kyrie’s asked to be traded out of Cleveland was made a week ago according to the latest report from ESPN’ Brian Windhorst.

The message was directed to team owner Dan Gilbert, and it has one obvious message, “Irving has said that he wants to play in a situation where he can be more of a focal point and that he no longer wants to play alongside LeBron James.”

Jeff Wechsler, who works as Kyrie's agent, does not want to confirm or deny this story. However, he confirmed that the meeting with Cavs leadership indeed took place. Wechsler told ESPN that the discussion centered on different scenarios and Kyrie’s future with the team though he did not divulge specific details.

During the discussion, there were four NBA teams mentioned as Kyrie’s possible destinations. According to the source of this story, the top overall pick of the 2011 NBA Draft is willing to be traded to the New York Knicks, the Miami Heat, the Minnesota Timberwolves and the San Antonio Spurs, which is said to be his preferred destination.

The 25-year old, four-time NBA All-Star point guard has reportedly told a couple of his teammates about his intention to leave the franchise, a league source told ESPN.

Lebron James is not one of them. But as the news reached the four-time NBA Most Valuable Player, a source close to his camp told ESPN that LeBron felt blindsided and disappointed.

Carmelo’s golden ticket

With this latest development, is LeBron James’ dream of playing alongside his close buddy Carmelo Anthony going to happen this coming season?

Not so fast, Cavs fans. Somehow, it looks like the Cavs front office may have already raised the white flag.

However, they do not want to part ways with Kyrie with only Carmelo on the table. One thing’s for sure though; the trade won’t include Kristaps Porzingis. Sources said the New York Knicks would consider adding future first-round picks in a package to get the 2012 NBA Rookie of the Year. The position of the Cavs front office remains unclear.

Jimmy Butler, Karl-Anthony Towns want Kyrie

Upon his arrival in Minnesota, Jimmy Butler has consistently called out for Kyrie to join him and the rest of the Wolves.

The two became close while playing for Team USA which played in Rio. It was rumored last month that Kyrie wants to join Jimmy is Chicago before the latter got traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Big man Karl-Anthony Towns has reportedly joined the call to bring the elite point guard. However, the Wolves already signed Jeff Teague last July 10, and he cannot be involved in any trade until Dec. 15.

Meanwhile, there’s no information on how will this trade rumor could play for the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat. One thing’s for sure though; should Kyrie be traded, he no longer qualifies to sign a supermax contract in 2019.