The Chicago Bulls have a big decision to make when it comes to Dwyane Wade and the 2017-18 NBA season. The Bulls just traded their best player Jimmy Butler before the 2017 NBA Draft and made it clear that they were going younger. On the other hand, Wade is 35-years-old and had a player option for next season - which he opted into. That contract will pay him $23.8 million and the Bulls have to decide what they plan to do with Dwyane and his contract.

Fred Hoiberg expects Dwyane Wade to be a Bull

Chicago Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg was asked on Sunday his thoughts about Dwyane Wade and his future.

According to Hoiberg, he does not see the Bulls buying out Wade's contract and letting him go at this time. Chicago would likely need to do that soon if they wanted to use the money to sign any more key free agents but it seems like they plan on keeping Dwyane for the 2017-18 NBA season.

It at least looks like the Chicago Bulls plan to have Dwyane Wade on their roster when the season begins, at least. There is always a chance that Wade could play well this upcoming season and then his trade value could see the Bulls have a better chance to let Dwyane go to a contender in exchange for prospects to help Fred Hoiberg and the Bulls continue to build a young nucleus for the future.

When Dwyane Wade left the Miami Heat, he was returning home to Chicago, leaving the only franchise he ever played for behind.

His first year in Chicago did not go as well as planned. While the Chicago Bulls made it to the playoffs, they were the final seed and only squeaked in thanks to a tiebreaker. Wade only averaged 18.3 points-per-game in 60 appearances.

2017-18 Chicago Bulls

If Fred Hoiberg is telling the truth and Dwyane Wade is returning to the Chicago Bulls for the second season, he will do so on a team that is not likely to contend for a playoff spot on paper.

Jimmy Butler and his 23.9 points-per-game is gone. While Wade won't win a championship in Miami, Hoiberg said that he hopes he can prove to be a mentor to younger players as they try to become NBA superstars.

Chicago Bulls Executive Vice President John Paxson echoed the sentiment that Dwyane Wade is not going anywhere right now.

Paxson said that there will be no buyout of his contract unless it is done in a way to benefit the Bulls' organization. He said that Dwyane was a "great pro" during the tough 2016-17 season and he hopes Wade will help them rebuild the Bulls like he did the Heat at one time.