After a long wait and chase, the Boston Celtics finally got their star in Gordon Hayward. The small forward star has agreed to join the Boston Celtics on a four-year $128 million contract with a player option for the fourth year. For quite a while, rumors had swarmed the Boston Celtics news page when it came to trades and free agency. The Celtics are sitting on a surplus of assets, and fans have been waiting for some sort of firework to be set off by Danny Ainge which he set off on Tuesday.

How does Hayward fit into the equation?

With the addition of Gordon Hayward, he would add an offensive threat to the roster.

Currently, the only go-to scorer offensively is Isaiah Thomas which leaves the Celtics in a vulnerable position against opposing teams. Sure, nearly everyone on the Celtics can drain from mid and three-point range, but no one appears as the consistent sharpshooter. Hayward adds a bit of that sharpshooting threat that would much benefit the Celtics offense.

The style of play for the Celtics is much like that of the Spurs where passing is key, but the problem is that each pass would go back to Thomas relying on him to be the play-maker. Hayward's play style revolves around cuts and off-ball position to create open shots. In other words, this would make Thomas's job easier where he can find Hayward either cutting in or working his way to an easy basket.

If you think that sounds quite familiar, then you're right; the Thomas to Hayward combo is quite similar to that of Rondo and Allen back in 2010. Plays would be revolved around Allen going through screens for an open three assisted by Rondo.

Not only does Hayward offer something on the court, but also off the court. Before his NBA Career, Hayward played for Butler University which was coached by Brad Stevens, the head coach of the Boston Celtics.

We all know that Stevens can be a mastermind when it comes to plays and utilizing the roster to its full potential, so with the addition of Hayward the two should click well just as they did back then at Butler.

Although the addition of Hayward makes the Celtics even more of a threat in the east, the road to Banner 18 will be arguably more difficult in the upcoming season.

Teams like the Thunder and Timberwolves have emerged as serious contenders with their free agency additions. The Thunder snatched one of the stars that the Celtics were pursuing in Paul George, and the Timberwolves picked up the other star we wished for in Jimmy Butler.

These may not be the only fireworks we see in the offseason, but every Celtics fan should be excited about the upcoming NBA season.