Many people thought that a sweep by the Golden State Warriors was right before their eyes as game 4 commenced. As hope slowly died out with Cleveland fans, the Cavaliers came into Quicken Loans Arena looking for vengeance. In the first half of the game, the Cavaliers managed to score 86 points which led on to their first victory in the NBA Finals.

Is Deja Vu Calling?

This was a much-needed win for the Cavaliers since they are on the brink of being swept. They needed players other than Lebron to step up and execute and that is what they brought to the court.

The Warriors are notoriously known to blow a 3-1 lead in the #NBA Finals specifically to the Cavaliers which became an internet trend. Some may say that this may be a repeat in history where the Cavaliers will bounce back after their game 4 victory.

Throughout games 1-3, the Cavaliers relied heavily on Lebron to execute both offensively and defensively which made it much easier for the Warriors to defend. Although the Warriors are quick to defend the King, Lebron can still bulldoze through most players and make plays. Even with such playmaking skills, most of the other Cavalier players lacked to finish which lead to Lebron being the main candidate to score. In Game 4 however, the rest of the players on the team realize their roles and executed leading to a win.

Specifically, Kyrie Irving proved that he is a top tier point guard landing a huge 40 points in the game.

If the Cavaliers can continue this rhythm transitioning to Game 5, they will be a huge threat to the Warriors thus making the job of stopping the Cavaliers that much harder.

Lebron James re-writing history

Game 4 was not just simply a victory for the Cavaliers, it was a historical night for Lebron James.

His 31 points led him past Michael Jordan on the All-time NBA Finals scoring list. Not only that, but he also managed to grab 10 rebounds and 11 assists thus surpassing Magic Johnson for the all-time leader in NBA Finals triple-doubles. With such a feat and what the King can offer to the table, if he can transition this performance to future games, this will be a huge problem for the Warriors.

The Cavaliers are an incredibly strong team, and it will take a lot to stop them. But the Warriors have an improved roster with the addition of superstar Kevin Durant. Will the Cavaliers push through with a historical comeback and re-embed the idea of blowing a 3-1 lead? Or will the Warriors end the Cavaliers in Game 5 on their home court?