Why there is a no-trade clause in Carmelo Anthony's contract with the New York Knicks still boggles the minds of many NBA fans. While there is no question that the 10-time All-Star Carmelo Anthony has been an incredible offensive force in the league for over a decade, it is not clear whether he deserves such privileges in his contract.

Carmelo would have been traded by now if this no-trade clause did not exist in his contract. Having said that, it seems like Carmelo Anthony is finally ready to waive this clause if two teams of his liking knock on his door - the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Houston Rockets.

Carmelo may waive his no-trade clause

While Phil Jackson's departure has certainly lifted a weight off Carmelo's shoulders, it might have cost Anthony an easy way out of New York. Jackson was in favor of ultimately buying out Carmelo's contract if a decent trade opportunity did not emerge. Now, owner James Dolan has a bigger say in basketball matters, and it has been reported that he prefers to keep Carmelo unless a convincing trade proposal arrives.

Anthony and the Knicks seem to have reached a point of no return. Carmelo needs to be traded, or else he will continue to lose and be below the radar as he plays out his remaining two years in his contract. Carmelo might have finally found an acceptable solution for both sides.

ESPN reports that Anthony is willing to waive his no-trade clause if that means he can join the Cleveland Cavaliers or Houston Rockets.

Rockets need Carmelo to contend

The Houston Rockets have been aggressively pushing for another blockbuster trade in order to create a super team of their own that can challenge the Golden State Warriors' supremacy in the Western Conference.

After the surprising addition of veteran point guard and nine-time All-Star Chris Paul, the Rockets have continued to be relentless in their efforts to land another star that can help Paul and MVP runner-up James Harden.

Paul George was known to be a target, but the Indiana Pacers decided to send him to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Rockets were not able to assemble a package enticing enough to convince the Pacers. They have now focused their energy on landing Carmelo Anthony.

The Rockets have been able to sign a solid player in PJ Tucker and re-sign a valuable bench player in Nene Hilario. Adding a player of Carmelo's caliber to this mix would elevate the Rockets to the highest heights of the Western Conference and the NBA. However, it would be interesting to see who would defend on this potential Rockets team. Mike D'Antoni might as well remove the 'D' from his name, and Harden and Anthony are infamous for not playing much defense.

Will Cavs finally pull the trigger on Carmelo?

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Carmelo Anthony have had mutual interest for some time now.

Carmelo would enjoy joining forces with his good friend LeBron James and finally contending for the NBA title. He came close in 2009 as his Denver Nuggets lost to Kobe Bryant's Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference Finals.

The Cavaliers might be finally willing to part ways with Kevin Love, who was not able to show up at the 2017 NBA finals. But the Cavs might be reluctant to add 33-year-old Anthony's two years and $54 million and give up a proven All-Star and rebounder in Love.

If Carmelo Anthony's contract is bought out, then it is very likely that he ends up in Cleveland. Carmelo would then have to accept a low salary in order to fit in the Cavaliers' financial schemes. A team with Kyrie Irving, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Kevin Love would have a better chance of beating these Warriors. More than ever, the Cavaliers fear no team in an Eastern Conference that is drained of its talented players year after year.