The Cleveland Cavaliers are rumored to show interests in acquiring Carmelo Anthony. This could be a great move if done successfully but it is unlikely to happen. The Knicks would secure the best option available for Melo and would not accept cheap offers from Cavs.

Recently, the team that is more likely to acquire Carmelo Anthony is the Houston Rockets. This trade could happen that includes three of more teams negotiating in a deal.

Carmelo to Houston Rockets

If the Rockets acquire Melo, they will have three superstars which include Chris Paul and James Harden.

There was also a report that Melo is willing to waive his no trade clause for teams Cleveland and Houston only.

This trade will move Ryan Anderson which performed bad in the past season.

It is more convenient for Melo to go to Cleveland because it will allow him to play with his close friend LeBron James and it is closer to New York and Melo's family than in Houston. But the question is if Cleveland could realistically acquire Melo in a trade.

Knicks' rebuilding stage

The Knicks are looking for younger and fresher players to develop and the reason why Cavaliers will have a difficult time to offer Knicks a reasonable deal because they don't have much to offer now. The Cavs cannot trade their 2020 first round pick as well as the 2021 pick because they might use this if unexpected things happen.

All the Cavs can offer is their 2018 pick but the Knicks will not consider this of a high value for it is almost guaranteed in the 29th or 30th spot in the selection.

Another option for the Cavs is their young players such as point guard Kay Felder and Cedi Osman. However Felder showed brilliance in the past season and in the G-League which makes the Cavs not to trade him for now.

In the other hand, small forward Cedi Osman was just signed by the Cavs for three years and is a 6'8" 190 lbs talent in the making. He is a solid scorer, passable three-point shooter and a good defender. He will provide the Cavs what they lack in the past.

Also, if Osman was signed, he cannot be traded until December 15 because of being a newly signed free agent.

This makes Osman not an option to acquire Carmelo Anthony.

For now neither the Cavs nor Rockets have the best option for Carmelo. However the Rockets may have the advantage because they can always offer Anderson who is an established shooter of the Rockets. The Cavaliers should find a way to convince Knicks and Melo to pick them but this is difficult to do from this point on.