Boston Red Sox trade rumors about a Miguel Cabrera deal make more sense than anything else getting discussed by baseball analysts. Television host Rich Eisen spoke today (July 26) about the detroit tigers possibly moving the future Hall Of Fame first baseman and noting that the Red Sox would be the perfect fit for him. Acquiring someone like Cabrera before the MLB trade deadline might suddenly make the Red Sox a favorite in the American League.

The Red Sox need offense, the Tigers need to rebuild, and on paper, the two teams match up quite well.

For a deal to happen, though, the Red Sox would have to be willing to pay the full salary of Cabrera but also give up some notable prospects. At that point, the Tigers would be forced to accept a trade to keep building for the future.

Is Miguel Cabrera worth a blockbuster trade?

This season with the Detroit Tigers, Miguel Cabrera has a .259 average with 12 home runs and 48 RBIs. He has struggled to get on base and that has possibly hurt his value on the trade market. Cabrera only has two home runs and 11 RBIs in the month of July as well, but maybe it is a change of scenery that he could use this year.

If Cabrera were thrown back into a playoff race, which is what these Boston Red Sox trade rumors hint at, it might just awaken him at the plate again.

While there is no guarantee that he can get back to the hitter that won the Triple Crown, it’s certainly a risk that a team might benefit from taking, especially if the level of prospects aren’t too great. Wouldn’t Cabrera look pretty good banging balls off the Green Monster in October?

Cabrera’s contract is still an expensive one

Miguel Cabrera’s contract is in place through the 2023 season, with vesting options for two more seasons after that if he finishes in the top ten of MVP voting in 2023. Beginning in 2018, Cabrera is slated to earn $30 million a year until the 2022 season, when he gets a bump to $32 million.

Those numbers are huge, especially since the guaranteed portion of the deal takes him through his age 40 season.

In summation, Miguel Cabrera is guaranteed at least $184 million after this season on his contract, making him one of the highest paid players in baseball. The Detroit Tigers felt that he could sustain his excellent hitting, but the 2017 season has not been a good example of that belief. As the New York Yankees try to acquire Sonny Gray and the Baltimore Orioles look to deal Zach Britton, these latest Boston Red Sox trade rumors underscore that the window for the team to compete for a title is open right now.