Baltimore Orioles trade rumors suggest the team is ready to move Zach Britton. Ownership has given the general manager permission to start dealing off assets in order to head for a rebuild. This means that players like Zach Britton, Brad Bach, Darren O’Day, and Seth Smith are available at the right price. The Orioles are likely looking for a big return of players.

Sports writer Ken Rosenthal passed on the news that Baltimore Orioles owner Peter Angelos had given permission to general manager Dan Duquette to start making big moves. Duquette was likely waiting for this moment in an effort to protect his own job.

As these relievers have been really impressive on the field, it would be tough for the team to deal with losing any of them.

Why are the Baltimore Orioles breaking down the team?

At 43-49, the Orioles are very likely to miss the postseason again, with a team payroll that should have predicted otherwise. Tied for last place in the American League East, the front office obviously feels that it is time to go in a different direction, possibly in pursuit of starting pitching through the trade market. That might be a starting point for teams looking to add key bullpen pieces for the stretch run.

There had been some MLB rumors about the Orioles considering a Manny Machado trade, but no concrete news about that situation has come up recently.

The franchise has expressed public concern that he could decide to enter free agency rather than sign a long-term contract extension, which could certainly force the front office to make a bold move. The New York Yankees are open for business.

The Baltimore Orioles aren’t just giving away Zach Britton

No matter how much fans of other teams would like to acquire an All-Star closer like Zach Britton, he is going to be an expensive acquisition.

The other relievers could be less expensive, but the Orioles aren’t just giving away Brad Brach or Darren O’Day either. They could both close for a contending team, but with the Washington Nationals acquiring two potential closers from the Oakland Athletics, the market may be a bit smaller.

Zach Britton was injured to start the season but has a 1.93 ERA through 13 games and 14 innings pitched this season.

Brad Brach has a 2.68 ERA and 0.893 WHIP so far. If the team dealt both relievers, it might allow Michael Givens to step in as the closer for the team, so fantasy baseball owners will want to keep an eye on that. With this breaking news about the Baltimore Orioles trade rumors, a deal is very likely coming, even though no specific details are out there just yet.