Benjamin Mendy is a very well known name in football circles. He is mainly famous for his career as a defender in the French club Monaco. Monaco is really famous for producing great footballers over the years and Benjamin Mendy is one of them. Though, Benjamin has recently moved to the Premier League giants manchester city.

About M.C.

Manchester City is one of the best clubs in a premier league featuring some great stars in all three sections of the field. The team of Manchester City features some exciting talents like Samir Nasri and Sergio Aguero.

This season Manchester City is looking to boost their defensive lineup and Benjamin Mendy is the latest addition to the list. Benjamin Mendy is currently 23 years old and has signed a five year deal with Manchester City. Manchester Blue spent 52 million euro to buy Benjamin from Monaco. After buying Mendy, it's the fifth signing of the season for Manchester Blue. The fifth signing stretches their total spending to 200 million.

The upcoming season

With strength in the attacking lineup, Manchester City is now looking to focus on the defensive lineup as well. Benjamin Mendy is one of the best players in the world when it comes to defense. Therefore, the signing can make a significant difference in the Manchester Blue lineup.

In fact, Benjamin Mendy can add more balance to the football team. Therefore, it can be said that Manchester City is worth keeping an eye on in this season's premier league.

A brief look at Benjamin Mendy

Benjamin is a French player and was born in the urban area of France. The biggest moment of his career came when he signed for AS Monaco in the year of 2016.

At that time the deal cost about 11 million euros. During the season Benjamin played very well on the defensive end for Monaco. His performance gained the attention of a lot of clubs and they jumped to sign the player. Now, finally, Manchester City got him at a price of 52 million. Therefore, it will be interesting to see if he lives up to the hype and is worth the massive contract moving forward.

Now, what happens to Monaco Football Club?

Monaco football club is one of the best clubs in France and it has produced a lot of great football players over the years. Most of those football players served some very popular clubs all across the world. Now Benjamin becomes the latest addition to the list. It is expected that he will perform as well as the other legends of AS Monaco.