For the past few weeks, WWE news and rumors have been circulating around "Raw" General Manager Kurt Angle. The GM has been involved in a backstage mystery story which has also featured commentator and journalist Corey Graves. On one episode of "Raw" several weeks ago, some sort of troubling message came to Angle's attention with Graves revealing the information to him. Over the weeks following that, Angle and Graves continued to talk over the information that only they seemed privy to. On last week's "Raw," it was finally revealed that Angle would make an announcement with whoever he was talking to on the phone on Monday's show.

Who was Angle talking to?

Angle finished off his call on the mobile phone last week by saying, "I love you" and basically telling the person on the other end they'd get through this together. It quickly prompted plenty of fans to believe that Angle had been having an affair with someone. The big names that popped up in the rumor mill were WWE princess Stephanie McMahon, and former TNA boss Dixie Carter. With Monday's "Raw" taking place in Carter's home area of Nashville, it made the rumors that it would be her showing up on "Raw" even stronger.

However, when the segment took place late during "Raw," it was neither Stephanie nor Dixie, who popped up as the mystery person.

Instead, Angle told fans the story of how he had dated a woman in college and never realized she gave birth to a baby boy nine months after their last date. Angle said he just found out recently who that boy was, as the child was put up for adoption and raised by great parents. He said the child was a star athlete drafted to play pro baseball, but went to college and pursued wrestling, where he excelled at the sport.

Angle said he wanted to introduce his son to everyone, current WWE superstar Jason Jordan. Angle introduced him as the newest member of the "Raw" brand.

What happens next?

Once Jordan was introduced, he came to the ring with a smile on his face and eventually, he and Angle hugged in the ring. There didn't appear to be any animosity towards Angle, but one has to wonder if that could play into things in turning Jordan heel at some point where he talks about Angle impregnating someone and then leaving her behind.

However, Angle had no idea what happened. In addition to all that, it was revealed that Corey Graves bonded with Jason Jordan when the two of them were on the NXT roster, so that's why Jordan confided in Graves with all this.

In terms of the storyline, where might this be headed for a match or feud? Will WWE look to push Jordan with this? Is it mainly a way to build towards a "SummerSlam" 2017 PPV match? If it is, one might think that there will be a battle between "Raw" and "SmackDown." Could they possibly put Jordan vs. his old tag team partner Chad Gable? It definitely seems odd how quickly WWE has disbanded American Alpha.

Or this could also lead to The Authority making a return to using this against Angle and tried to oust him from power.

There had been rumors of a Triple H vs. Kurt Angle match but as of right now, that still isn't confirmed. In fact, it seems unlikely that Angle will be in the wrestling ring aside from his on-air role as a member of the "Raw" front office. So, for now, fans will have have to sit back and wait to see what unfolds next in the story of Kurt Angle and long lost son, Jason Jordan.