Andre Blake suffered a bad finger injury in his final 2017 Concacaf Gold Cup yesterday. Despite the painful wound, the star goalkeeper earned this year’s Golden Glove Award.

Andre Blake is the first Jamaican player to win the award

Gold Cup took to its official Twitter account the announcement of the award. In the tweet, Blake was elected as the Golden Glove Award recipient for his outstanding performance as a goalkeeper in the recently concluded tournament.

The Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) also took to its Twitter account its congratulatory messages for Blake.

The group also tweeted how proud they are for the star goalkeeper.

Blake is the very first football player from Jamaica that has earned the Golden Glove Award from the CONCACAF Gold Cup. JFF was elated to boast this award on its social media platform.

The unfortunate injury

The 26-year-old player did his best to save goals for his team. He even made a double save against US football players Kellyn Acosta and Jozy Altidore to keep the lead. Until suddenly, he went down struggling in pain.

The JFF released an official statement saying the Jamaican football player suffered a finger injury and left the Gold Cup with a taped hand, MLS reports.

The JFF also tweeted their warm wish for a speedy recovery of the star player. They also vouched for the latter for playing a fantastic goalkeeping for Jamaica.

How bad was the injury?

It seems that the goalkeeper had a bad finger injury. After making that brave goal saving, he immediately dropped on the field and appeared struggling in pain.

Fortunately, raw videos have floated on the web, documenting the unexpected injury.

Twitter user Brad Humber posted a video detailing the injury. The clip reveals the player’s injured hand was shaking while he was receiving the first aid treatment.

In another tweet, Ben Jata posted a clip providing an up-close preview of Blake’s injured hand.

It can be seen that he had a big open wound in between the point and middle fingers.

Furthermore, the football star gave an update on his hand through an interview with Univision Deportes. According to him, he had seven stitches on his wound.

Meanwhile, Dwayne Miller was called in to replace Andre Blake in the game between Jamaica and USA. Despite Blake's injury, his team still won the said game. The 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup tournament has also just ended. The U.S. team won the championship and the other special award winners were also announced on Twitter.