The Golden State Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 113-91 in game one of Finals. Kevin Durant and Steph Curry both went off for 38 and 28, respectively. LeBron James had 28 points while Kyrie Irving had 24. The Cavaliers got beat by 22 while only two Warrior players (Curry and Durant) had double-figure points. The loss was very pretty ugly for the Cavaliers.

The Cavs turned the ball over 20 times while only shooting 35 percent from the field. The Warriors were the better team without any question. The Cavaliers will have to do better if they want to make this series the most epic finals ever.

This series will still go six games, but in the end, the Warriors will be on top of the basketball world.

The Warriors dominance

The Warriors looked like the ultimate super team on Thursday night. They dominated the Cavaliers on both ends of the floor. Kevin Durant was the best player on the floor. He was using his size, athleticism, and talent to overwhelm the Cavs. Steph Curry was playing like a two-time MVP. He made six three-pointers en route to scoring 28 points.

No one else really had an impact on the offense side of the ball for the Warriors, but the defense they played was dominating. They forced the Cavaliers to commit 20 turnovers which allowed the Warriors to take advantage and get easy baskets.

The Warriors are the better team and should win the Finals. The question is how long will it take them to accomplish their goal? The Warriors looked poised and focused on repairing last year's collapse.

The Cavaliers struggled

The Cleveland Cavaliers played their worst game of the 2017 NBA playoffs. They were no match for the undefeated Warriors.

They had no answer for either Kevin Durant or Steph Curry. They allowed Durant to get six wide open dunks. LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love had decent games, but it was the Cavalier's complementary players that let them down.

The Warriors defense did not let J.R. Smith, Tristan Thompson, or Kyle Korver get anything done.

The trio had only three points the entire game. Thompson only had four rebounds in 22 minutes of action. He did not score at all.

Cleveland will have to make major adjustments during game two if they want to make this a series and not a clean sweep. One thing to always remember is to never count out LeBron James in any game. The Cavs will punch back in game two, but will it be enough to beat the Warriors on their home court?