After the MC at the Golden State Warriors' parade, Bob Fitzgerald received the microphone back from Head Coach Steve Kerr upon the completion of his speech. He instantly got into an argument with his wife Margot, upon taking a seat next to her. Margot told Kerr that Kerr did not mention Stephen Curry in his speech, upon first hearing it Kerr immediately went into denial mode. However, he knew his wife was right as for as she was so certain about this. The guiltiness of making a mistake washed over Kerr, who upon realization repeatedly told himself that he was an idiot.

Kerr immediately apologized to Curry

Immediately Kerr rose from his seat and strolled towards his star point guard and apologized for his actions. They both laughed about the incident and Curry had no hard feelings about it. Afterward, Kerr went back and took place in his spot pleased about solving the issue, but there will still more backlash to come. This mistake did not go unnoticed as on social media Warriors' fans came to the protection of the reigning MVP. The plan for Kerr was not to give each player a shoutout however halfway thought the speech he decided to do this and went through each player one by one. From the benchwarmers to the superstars of the team. However, he ended at Kevin Durant.

Kerr did mention Curry in his speech, but it was only briefly, and during when Klay Thompson was the focus. The fact that Kerr forgets to mention Curry while also announcing that the Warriors best player is Kevin Durant shows how much Curry is taking for granted by these Warriors. The signing of Durant last summer along with his performance in this year's finals has made many experts believe Curry has been relegated to the Warriors' number 2 option.

However, Curry is still beloved by the bay area as he was the main cornerstone from turning the Warriors' franchise from dysfunctional to predominant. So how Curry gets treated by the Warriors' organization is viewed by a shielding microscope by the supporters of the Warriors.

Curry is expected to stay with the Warriors

It should be taken into consideration however that the best spot for the parade was given to Curry.

He was the last speaker. He was the one carrying the trophy and was also the last announced. His bus was also last in the parade line. Curry is expected to sign a five-year contract worth $250 million with the Warriors over the summer. Curry was unavailable to comment due celebrating with his family in Los Angeles. Kerr said that Curry and he have a bond that is unbreakable and is more than confident that Curry was not offended by his absence in Kerr's improvised speech.