After the Cleveland Cavaliers came off a loss in the 2017 NBA Finals to the Golden State Warriors with their star studded lineup led by Kevin Durant, many people have begun to question who the Cleveland Cavaliers should be looking at in the offseason to sign or trade. It remains a huge topic of discussion due to the level of basketball and superstar talent that the Warriors have put together. And then there's the fact that the Cavs will need to overcome them to win another championship.

With the recent firing of general manager David Griffin, and the new possible singing of Chauncey Billups as GM, anything can happen.

There are multiple players that the Cavaliers could decide to throw trade offers at, mostly likely using either Kevin Love or some role players as trade bait.

But the two biggest talking points have been Jimmy Butler and Paul George. They have both expressed interest in leaving their current team situation and joining the Cavaliers, according to recent reports.

Skip would pick Jimmy Butler over Paul George

The question that has been dwindling in Cavs nation over the past few days has been, who should the Cavaliers trade for, Jimmy Butler or Paul George? Many people believe Paul George would be the better fit, and believe he is the better player. They believe he has a stronger relationship with LeBron James and will be better for the big moments of the NBA Finals.

While others, including Bayless, believe that Jimmy Butler would be the better fit due to his elite defensive ability and solid offensive game, similar to that of PG's but possibly more effective under the Cavs system.

Skip Bayless tweeted his thoughts on the matter.

He has an interesting take on the situation, suggesting that Paul George's admiration of King James would negatively affect his on court performance alongside the King.

If anything, the two superstars can help eachother become the best basketball players they can, or atleast, Cavs fans would be hoping for it.

Sharpe prefers a big man

Shannon Sharpe of Fox Sports was posed the question of who the Cavaliers should bring to the team if they want to contend with the Golden State Warriors — excluding Jimmy Butler and Paul George.

Shannon picked DeMarcus Cousins as expressed in a recent Twitter post.

Cousins is arguably the best big man in the league, coming off an incredible season in the Sacramento Kings and the New Orleans Pelicans. He has never tasted the awe of playoff basketball in his career before so it could be a new and exciting prospect for the 6'11" center. That's if it happens, according to recent news reports. However, it's more than likely that the Cavaliers would pursue PG13 or Jimmy 'Buckets' although 'Boogie' Cousins would be a great backup plan.