Paul Millsap is reportedly visiting with the Phoenix Suns according to John Gambadoro of 98.7 FM Arizona's Sport Station. Millsap is a 32-year old power forward that can still contribute heavily to a team, but he is also the same player that provides a mystery. Why have teams let him walk out for nothing?

The Jazz made the mistake first

The Utah Jazz had control of Millsap from 2006 to 2013. In Millsap's last year with the Jazz, it seemed unlikely that the team was going to go far in the playoffs at the trade deadline. The Jazz were in contention for the seven, or eight seed, and decided to keep Millsap who was an impending free agent along with center, Al Jefferson.

The Jazz ended up going 43-39 and missed the playoffs. Jefferson ended up leaving to go to Charlotte, while Millsap signed a two-year deal to go to the Atlanta Hawks. That offseason, the Jazz tried to salvage what they could for a future rebuild by absorbing the expiring contracts of Richard Jefferson, Andris Biedrins, and Brandon Rush which totaled $24 million.

The Hawks didn't learn

The Hawks were hovering between a four and five seed for the majority of the NBA season. They were facing a similar situation as the Jazz did four years ago. They were mediocre and were certainly not going to make a far run in the playoffs. At the trade deadline, Millsap was speculated to be on the trade block. In typical deja vu fashion, the Hawks pulled Millsap from the trade deadline.

They ultimately faced the Washington Wizards and lost in six games to be bounced from the first round.

Fast forward to the present, the Hawks know they are not going to resign Millsap. They traded Dwight Howard after signing him one offseason ago to go into rebuild mode. The Hawks had a perfect example of what happens to mediocre teams if they don't trade their assets, so now the Hawks got back half the value for losing Howard and Millsap.

The fall of the Hawks

Two years ago, the Hawks made the conference finals with a lineup of Jeff Teague, Kyle Korver, Millsap, Demarre Carroll, and Al Horford. As we enter the upcoming season, not a single one of those players is on the Hawks anymore. Teague left in free agency for the Pacers, Carroll left for the Raptors, and Horford left for the Celtics.

Millsap could leave for the Suns, or Heat. Ultimately, the only player the Hawks made a move with was with Korver when they shipped him to the Cavaliers this past season. It could be a long time before Atlanta sees another deep postseason run. Then again, there's a reason why the Hawks haven't won a championship since 1958.