The Green Bay Packers have been one of the best teams in football over the past few years, consistently making the playoffs and winning a Super Bowl. A major reason why is star quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who is deservedly lauded as one of the best players in the game. He's managed to lead elite offenses without a running game, and also cover up the flaws of the Green Bay Packers defense. Now it's time for Packers management to show their faith in one of the best quarterbacks in the game by giving him a new contract as soon as possible.

Rodgers Current Contract Details.

When Aaron signed his current contract, the NFL salary cap was $123 million. He received $54 million in guaranteed money, and was given $44.5 million fully guaranteed when he signed. His current average NFL salary is only $22 million, which is far less than the approximately $25 million per year Raiders quarterback Derek Carr signed. That means Rodgers contract is currently significantly below market value, and things could easily get expensive for the Packers if they don't act soon.

Future Aaron Rodgers Earnings.

There's no question that the Packers will keep Rodgers around, but the amount that he will earn with them is a question mark. Aaron can pretty much ask for anything, and Green Bay will almost be forced to give it to him.

In 2018, the salary cap will rise to approximately $180 million, and Rodgers' earnings will go way up. In fact, one agent, Joel Cory, suggested that Rodgers could make a $32 million annual salary. That would be by far the highest salary in the league, and would come with an expensive price tag.

Better to act now?

Would it be better for the Packers to try and address his contract situation now before things get even more expensive next year?

At age 33, Rodgers might only have a few truly great years left in him before his age catches up with him. If the Packers wait and sign him to a long term deal with huge guarantees next year, they could be on the hook for a lot of guaranteed money.

On the other hand, Rodgers is currently playing on a significantly below market value salary.

The Packers can take advantage of that for one more year before they really have to pay him what the top quarterbacks in the NFL are earning right now.

This is a question for Packers management and fans. Would you like to see Aaron locked up this year or next? And if he does become a free agent next year, will the bidding war for Aaron price the Green Bay Packers out? Only time will tell.