It is official -- the Oregon State Beavers have been eliminated from the College Baseball World Series. Here is what you need to know about the Beavers run this year and how it ended.

Beavers unbelievable run to the top

The Oregon St. Beavers were the number one team in baseball and almost everyone’s favorite to win it all at this year’s College Baseball World Series. The Beavers had a tremendous run going 56-4 before losing two straight games to the LSU Tigers. All year the Beavers were led by pitchers Jake Thompson who had an incredible year going 14-1 on the mound with an ERA of 1.96 and 128.2 innings followed by 119 strikeouts.

Luke Heimlich had an impressive ERA of .76 which gave him a record of 11-1 pitching 118.1 innings earning 128 strikeouts.

Not only was the Beavers pitching alive this year so were their bats with six players hitting an average above .300 and a combined team average of .291. However, one player on the Beavers does stick out. Nick Madrigal had a great year batting an average of .380 with 90 hits in 237 at-bats and stealing an impressive 16 bases in 20 attempts. With a team like this, it is no surprise why they were Number 1 and the favorite to win the College World Series.

College World Series run

Oregon St. Beavers started their College World Series run in the Corvallis Region. They first played Holy Cross who they demolished 8-2 and then moved on to play Yale who seemed to not even show up to the game as they were run over by the Beavers in an 11-0 game.

They played again the next day for double elimination this time only to lose by 7 runs to an 8-1 victory for Oregon who moved on to play the winner of the Clemson Division.

In the first game against Vanderbilt, the Beavers got off to a great 5-3 score after two innings and seemed to seal the deal by putting up another run in the bottom of 5th and two more runs in the 8th to beat Vanderbilt 8-4.

In the second game though, the Beavers showed Vanderbilt why they were number one by beating them 9-2 to move on after a 2-0 series win. In the first Winner’s Bracket, the Beavers saw their toughest competition yet with CSU Fullerton when Fullerton went up a quick 5-1 in the 4th inning but the Beavers rallied back in the bottom of the 6th to tie it and then ended up scoring again in the 8th to end up winning 6-5 to advance.

In the next game, the Beavers demolished the LSU Tigers in a 13-1 game to play again in a double elimination game. The next game for the Beavers came as a shocker when LSU took an early 2-1 lead but then scored again in the 7th inning to secure a victory and one more game. The next game was interesting as we wanted to see who would go to the College World Series to face Florida. LSU came out hot with a 3-0 lead after two innings and then scored 1 run in 3 off the next four innings to ultimately beat the once number one team in the nation and move on to the College World Series with a 6-1 victory.

College Baseball World Series

With LSU beating the number 1 team in all of college baseball it brings up the question, who is the new number 1 team?

LSU and Florida will start to play the 26th of June at 7 pm on ESPN for the College World Series Champion. It will be very interesting to see who wins especially as it is between two powerhouse SEC teams.