Here are draft grades for the Southwest Conference. The Mavericks found their point guard of the future. The Spurs found another role player to contribute to their success. The Pelicans added backcourt support, while The Rockets and Grizzlies could have done better. The order is based on the standings in the division from last season.

San Antonio Spurs: B+

The Spurs drafted Derrick White at No. 29 overall, and Jaron Blossomgame at No. 59. The pick of White seems like another solid draft choice for the Spurs. White is a 6'5 guard that can shoot an outside shot.

White shot nearly 40 percent from three point range, and shot 80 percent at the free throw line. White might remind some as a Matt Bonner, who played for San Antonio for a decade.

Houston Rockets: C-

The Rockets drafted Isaiah Hartenstein at No. 43 overall. At this stage of the second round, it can be hit or miss. Hartenstein sounds like a versatile player potentially, but also has back issues at the same time. The Rockets didn't have a first-round pick, but might have better luck in free agency.

Memphis Grizzlies: C

The Grizzlies drafted Ivan Rapp at No. 35 via trade, and Dillon Brooks at No. 45 via trade. It seems like the Grizzlies played it very safe here. Rapp and Brooks were proven players in college.

They both have a strong reputation in college. The common denominator is that they did it in veteran style in college. Rapp and Brooks have a rap sheet that leads to role player in the NBA. The Grizzlies are getting older with Mike Conley, Marc Gasol, and Zach Randolph nearing, or passing their thirties. Sooner or later, the Grizzlies need to make a play to become a top team in the west, instead of four or five seed.

New Orleans Pelicans: B-

The Pelicans drafted Frank Jackson at No. 31 via trade. Jackson was projected as a first round pick, but fell to the first pick of the second round. The Pelicans sent their first round pick to the Kings in the trade that landed them DeMarcus Cousins; however, their one pick in the draft turned effective.

Jackson will provide some backcourt support to a frontcourt that already has Cousins and Anthony Davis. Jackson was a 15-point a night scorer in college, and has some intangibles that could make him a productive bench player.

Dallas Mavericks: A+

The Mavericks selected Dennis Smith Jr. at No. 9 overall. Smith Jr. is a 6'3 point guard that provides athleticism to a team that lacked a point guard. The Mavericks could have a quick rebuild this offseason. Dirk Nowitzki is taking less money to potentially bring another player to Dallas. The team already has Harrison Barnes and Wes Matthews. Smith Jr. could provide immediate minutes with Devin Harris's future in jeopardy.