In 2005, a young man of age 19 took the world by storm. Bearing a sleeveless shirt, baggy shorts, and long hair, this boy surprised the tennis world by winning the prestigious french open title. His name was Rafael Nadal. This timid but energetic player from Manacor, Spain showed the tennis world a topspin and passion for the game never seen before.

12 years later, Nadal has won his 10th Roland Garros, simply a historic landmark. No one has ever won a Grand Slam ten times. Stanislas Wawrinka was his latest victim, but Nadal looked hungrier than ever after battling with unfortunate injuries for the last years.

Many people had given up on him, but he fought hard to be back in the elite. Where else could Nadal announce his return than his French sanctuary?

Nadal destroys Wawrinka

Rafael Nadal was dominant all tournament long. He has not conceded one set in this year's Roland Garros. Wawrinka was the last opponent to suffer Nadal's vicious play. Like all Ronald Garros finalists who matched up against Nadal, Wawrinka's fate had already been written. Nadal took the easier route and demolished Wawrinka in three sets (6-2, 6-2, 6-1). Nadal is back at his best level.

Nadal broke Wawrinka's service early in every set. From that moment on, Nadal displayed a solid game that could not be weathered. His forehand stroke looked like it has gained a bit more speed and his cross-court backhand has become a reliable and dangerous shot.

He was able to prove that he was back at playing his best tennis all game long. Wawrinka had accepted his defeat before the end of the match.

Nadal is back

Nadal has learned to adjust his game, and, at age 31, he looks more aggressive with his shots than ever. He has also learned to mask his notoriously weak serve and Roland Garros has let us see Nadal regularly serving into the body of the opponent for example.

The addition of former Grand Slam champion Carlos Moya to his coaching team has also revitalized him.

Nadal, with 15 Grand Slams, has now surpassed none other than American legend Pete Sampras in the ranks. Who knows how many more Grand Slam trophies Nadal would have in his cabinet if injuries had not hampered him during his career?

But he can only focus on one thing right now - celebrating an accomplishment that we will probably never see again. Following the much-deserved celebration, Nadal will be back on his mission this year. He is not only back to win Roland Garros but wants to be back atop the tennis world.

Nadal's next major stop is Wimbledon. His ability to properly rest and train on grass courts will determine Nadal's fate at Wimbledon. A well-rested Roger Federer awaits him. Nadal is no longer a youngster, so he will need to learn to save his energy. However, anything is possible when a healthy Nadal is on the tour and when his fervent heart and strategic mind push him to limits unreachable by others. On top of all this, the fact that this will be Uncle Toni's last season by his nephew's side will further motivate Rafael to do great things. Rafael has gifted his uncle with their 10th Roland Garros.