Enes Kanter doesn't mind speaking - or Tweeting - his version of the truth. The Oklahoma City Thunder forward was back at it on Monday night. Teammate Russell Westbrook had just won the NBA MVP award, the culmination of a legendary season. It didn't have to be about Kevin Durant and his defection the previous summer. Besides, there was an unstated connection between the two events. Yet the Turkish forward felt the need to go there, using a former MVP's famous expression to make a mockery of him.

Durant not "the real MVP"

After the coronation of Westbrook, Kanter hopped on his Twitter account to celebrate.

He posted a photo of himself and Westbrook holding the MVP trophy; the Thunder forward was one of several teammates in attendance of the NBA Awards show on Monday night. The caption, however, is where the real shot at Durant came into play.

The "real MVP" quote doesn't come out of nowhere - it isn't Kanter simply praising Westbrook for winning the award. When Durant won the award several seasons ago as a member of the Thunder, he gave one of the most moving speeches in the history of the award. During it, he praised his mother Wanda, who he called "the real MVP." It was a quote that took hold of the cultural zeitgeist and became one of the defining soundbites of his career.

When he departed for Golden State, there was always a chance those words were going to come back and haunt him - Kanter was the perfect man to make the debauchery happen.

Kanter has a way with words

Kanter and Durant have a feud dating back to the latter's departure almost a year ago. The Turkish forward spent the summer throwing jabs at his former teammate over Twitter.

During the season, when Westbrook jawed with his former superstar teammate at half court during a home game against the Warriors, Kanter was the first one off the bench ready to defend his teammate, shouting down his new enemy.

Of course, Kanter has never had a problem with speaking his mind. His political views in regards to his native country have become extremely problematic as of late.

He was nearly detained in a foreign country, forcing him to renounce his citizenship during his return to the United States. His father was even arrested in Turkey, despite the fact that the family and the NBA player have been estranged for several years. Compared to the political situation Kanter is dealing with, his feud with Kevin Durant appears to be rather trivial.